30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview

If you haven’t noticed, it’s all about the customer these days. According to a research carried out by Deloitte and Touche, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than those not focused on the customer. This proves that the moment you put the customer at the core of your business, you’re already one step closer to success. And this is precisely why businesses are looking to customer feedback tools as a foundation for this success.


Knowing how to choose the right tool(s) for your business, however, is still somewhat of a tricky game for many digital teams. This is attributed to the fact that customer feedback tools are very diverse in purpose. They use various collection techniques, collect different forms of feedback, report differently and provide different kinds of insights for the user.

That is why we’ve compiled of a list of the six different categories of customer feedback tools into one article. Based on these categories and your business’ goals, this should make it easier for you to make a decision in terms of which customer feedback tool(s) you will use:

Let’s take a look…

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Voice of the Customer tools

Voice of the Customer tools are becoming a top priority among online companies. This is mostly attributed to the fact that these tools have become a critical element in customer experience initiatives. These customer feedback tools make it easy for visitors to communicate about their customer experience directly and help avoid interrupting the online journey. They are also great for collecting ‘in-the-moment’ feedback.

1. Mopinion

Mopinion: Top 15 Enterprise Feedback Management Software (EFM) - Mopinion

Mopinion is a Voice-of-the-Customer solution for digital channels that collects and analyses feedback from websites, mobile apps and email campaigns in real-time. With it’s easy-to-use interface, users can build, design and configure feedback forms how they like. Users can also target these feedback forms to specific groups of online visitors and gain insights into why they are not converting. Feedback can be visualised in customisable dashboards and charts for advanced analyses. To take it one step further, digital teams can share and take action on these feedback items in a timely manner with the help of smart alerts. Mopinion offers a variety of pricing packages for the digital enterprise of today.

Interested? Start your free trial today or request a demo.

2. Feedier

Source: Feedier

Feedier (IXM) is the most intuitive experience management solution that allows you to listen carefully to the Voice of the Customer in order to improve your customer experience. Collect in real-time direct and indirect feedback through gamified forms, analyze your data with an intuitive and visual dashboard via features such as analysis of the most used keywords in your responses, correlation matrix, User Stories, NPS and many others.

Website: https://feedier.com/

3. InMoment

30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - InMoment
Source: InMoment

InMoment, a cloud-based customer experience optimisation platform, offers multiple solutions including Social Reviews & Advocacy and Employee Engagement solutions as well as a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform. It’s VoC platform allows for feedback collection, online reporting, real-time alerts and occurrence management. The platform combines the survey data it collects with customer data from other sources such as CRM, social and financials.

Website: www.inmoment.com

4. Clarabridge

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Clarabridge
Source: Clarabridge

Clarabridge is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform that pulls data from various feedback sources. This data can easily be filtered within the platform, enabling users to optimise their website accordingly. This customer feedback tool has the following capabilities: text analytics, sentiment analysis, linguistic categorisation, and emotion detection.

Website: www.clarabridge.com

5. Feedbackify

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Feedbackify
Source: Feedbackify

By way of a drag-and-drop editor, Feedbackify allows users to easily create feedback forms themselves. Installation is also very easy. All you have to do is copy and paste the code they provide you with into your website’s HTML and it’s ready to go. Your visitors can provide a rating as well as submit comments, including compliments and suggestions. Within this customer feedback tool, you can view all feedback received in a dashboard in real-time as well as filter by category and sub-category.

Website: www.feedbackify.com

6. Verint ForeSee

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Verint-Foresee
Source: Verint ForeSee

Verint ForeSee is CX Management software that allows you to track customer experience analytics over time in an automated way. The Suite offers various VoC features including customer-initiated surveys, heat maps, text analytics, alerts and product reviews. This software is great for benchmarking and competitor data.

Website: www.foresee.com

7. OpinionLab

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - OpinionLab
Source: OpinionLab

Opinionlab is another well-known VoC platform and customer feedback tool. It started out as a company focused on website feedback but this focus is now much more broad. OpinionLab also gathers feedback from additional channels such as contact centres and physical stores. Page-specific feedback can be collected as well.
Website: www.opinionlab.com

Survey Tools

An alternative way of collecting customer feedback is via traditional survey tools. Often in the form of a feedback button or email invite, these tools have become quite popular since the emergence of website feedback. Some of these tools are focused on particular niches whereas others hone in on user experience. In the past, these customer feedback tools were well-known for their tendency to include a long list of questions, however nowadays, they are becoming shorter and shorter – which certainly makes them less of a hassle for respondents.

8. HubSpot Customer Feedback

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Hubspot feedback
Source: HubSpot

HubSpot’s out-of-the-box feedback tools make it easy to capture qualitative and quantitative feedback so you can understand your customers better. With HubSpot, you can create and deliver surveys via email and on your website, and track all of your customer feedback on a single dashboard accessible to the whole team. Use a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to measure customer loyalty over time, send Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys to understand how easy it is for customers to get the support they need, or distribute customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to understand how satisfied customers are after different points in the customer journey.

Website: www.hubspot.com/products/service/customer-feedback

9. Survicate

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Survicate
Source: Survicate

Using Survicate, you can trigger targeted surveys at different locations on your website or send out questionnaires via email to different customers. There is also a library of predefined surveys that users can choose from. In terms of analysis, this customer feedback tool has dashboarding capabilities, CSV and XLS exporting options and NPS analysis.

Website: www.survicate.com

10. SurveyMonkey

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - SurveyMonkey
Source: SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is probably one of the most well-known survey tools as it used by millions of businesses across the world. It is very flexible considering that are about 15 different types of questions (such as multiple choice, Likert scales and open comments). This customer feedback tool is perfect for one-off surveys but because of this focus, it’s not suitable for measuring overall satisfaction or surveying customers again after a certain period of time.

Website: www.surveymonkey.com

11. ProProfs

ProProfs online survey tool
Source: ProProfs

ProProfs Survey Maker is a versatile survey tool used by marketers, trainers, and businesses to capture customer feedback. You can choose from 100+ templates and 1,000,000+ survey question types. The question bank consists of 20 categories of questions: Net Promoter Score question, rating scale, checkbox type questions, and scored questions being the prominent ones. The advanced features like survey scheduling, advanced reporting, analytics feature, maximum survey sharing options, integration with API like Zendesk, MailChimp, etc., make ProProfs Survey Maker an ideal choice for all your survey needs. The best part is that ProProfs comes with a basic free plan, enabling you to create unlimited surveys.

Website: ProProfs Survey Maker

12. Typeform

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Typeform
Source: Typeform

The motto of Typeform is “Try to make forms awesome”. This customer feedback tool has an extremely user-friendly interface to put the surveys together. Also the flow at the front – to fill in the survey as respondent – runs very smooth. The free version, nicknamed “the CORE plan” includes a number of free features, such as unlimited questions and answers, data export, custom-designed themes or choose from templates and basic reporting.

Website: www.typeform.com

Online Review Tools

Online Review Tools are a great way of building up trust among your visitors online. Used quite frequently by digital marketers because of the well-known Google Stars, these tools can have a positive effect on Google Rankings. This kind of customer feedback tool also influences purchasing behaviour seeing as how more than half of customers look at reviews before purchasing a product or service. One of the hindrances of online review tools, however is that all reviews (positive or negative) are shared publicly with your visitors.

13. TrustPilot

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - TrustPilot
Source: TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a very well-known review software used by many businesses to build up trust with customers. Using this customer feedback tool, users can upload their mailing lists into the tool and send out an email inviting customers to review them (this can also be set up so that it’s sent out right after a customer has made a purchase). Reviews are fed to search engines (e.g. Google or Bing) which updates your Google Seller Rating – therefore improving visibility in both search engines and online ads.

In a protected environment, users can check the progress of their reviews, e.g. the number of reviews they’ve collected. You can also respond to assessments in this environment.

Website: www.trustpilot.com

14. KiyOh

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - KiyOh
Source: KiyOh

KiyOh is a favorable customer feedback tool as it offers competitive prices and features that are similar to the more expensive alternatives such as TrustPilot. This tool focuses on ratings and reviews and includes a Review Alarm that notifies you of any new, incoming reviews – both good and bad. You can also respond to the reviews of your customers with this KiyOh.

Website: www.kiyoh.com

15. Feefo

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Feefo
Source: Feefo

Feefo is a customer feedback tool that works almost the same as TrustPilot – by sending out emails inviting customers to provide reviews. You can choose to customise the display of these reviews on your website with the following options: rating percentage display, text display and star rating display. Additionally, the dashboard provides integration tools such as an API and a Facebook app for social sharing.

Website: www.feefo.com

16. ReeVoo

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Reevoo
Source: ReeVoo

In addition to the self-service tools in this overview, there are also more high-end customer feedback tools such as ReeVoo. And important difference is that these often also offer assessments at a product level, instead of just generic webshop reviews. This software runs on-site on product pages in order to show several reviews at product level. Your visitors can choose to filter on the most relevant reviews for a product. If they still have a question about a review, they can ‘Ask an Owner’.

Website: www.reevoo.com

17. Bazaarvoice

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Bazaarvoice
Source: Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice Conversations is one of the applications in the Bazaarvoice Suite that enables businesses to collect feedback from their customers. This customer feedback tool collects and publishes ratings and reviews, videos and photos of customer experiences with products and also allows them to ask questions.

Website: www.bazaarvoice.com

User Testing Tools

User Testing Tools involve all aspects of user interaction – whether that is with your company, products and/or services. For many businesses, supplying a good user experience is only achievable by making use of user testing tools. These kinds of customer feedback tools do a good job of measuring these interactions for the user. However, these insights are limited to the amount of pageviews users are allotted and they also often lack in the analysis and action management area.

18. Hotjar

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Hotjar
Source: Hotjar

Hotjar is seen as a swiss army knife of user experience tools, with software that combines multiple UX tools in one. This focus however means that it lacks a solid CX solution. Feedback analysis and reporting are not available. With this software however, users can create heatmaps, user recordings (e.g. tracking sessions) and customisable surveys and feedback polls. Surveys and polls can be triggered immediately after the page loads, after x amount of seconds, when the visitor wants to abandon the page or when they scroll halfway down the page.

Website: www.hotjar.com

19. Mouseflow

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - MouseFlow
Source: Mouseflow

Mouseflow also uses heatmaps as well as visitor recordings on the website. This customer feedback tool also offers Form Analytics, which is a feature that enables users to see why visitors abandon forms online. Users can track various funnels specifically as well as as see what visitors from different traffic sources do differently on your site.

Website: www.mouseflow.com

20. CrazyEgg

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Crazy Egg
Source: CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is another customer feedback tool that uses heatmaps to analyse visitor behaviour. It looks at where your visitors are clicking, if they scroll to the end of a webpage and lets you know what they’re looking at. Implemention is very simple with this tool.

Website: www.crazyegg.com

21. FullStory

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - FullStory
Source: FullStory

FullStory offers a wide variety of services including session playback and funnel analytics, and an interesting feature called ‘Omnisearch’, which allows you to search for any element on your website and see what kinds of interactions have taken place with that element. This customer feedback tool also has feature called ‘rage clicks’ which enables users to see which elements visitors are clicking on multiple times.

Website: www.fullstory.com

Visual Feedback Tools

Looking to capture user input on particular webpage elements? Then perhaps a visual feedback tool is something you should consider. These customer feedback tools work in many different ways. Some provide the option submit a screenshot while others involve virtual sticky notes that highlight certain elements on the page such as text, images or buttons. While these provide a lot of support in terms of design they are somewhat basic in terms of extracting deep customer experience insights.

22. Usersnap

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - UserSnap
Source: Usersnap

Usersnap is a popular customer feedback tool for collecting visual feedback. It is run via a JavaScript tag on your website. Users can take notes or add comments and highlight certain elements with a circle. It can be integrated with various tools such as Slack, Trello, Basecamp and Jira.

Website: www.usersnap.com

23. DeBugMe

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - DeBugMe
Source: DeBugMe

Another customer feedback tool that collects visual feedback is DeBugMe. It also has a built-in issue tracking tool and project management solution. For reporting issues, the tool includes a feedback toolbar which allows you to annotate the page. To review all bugs and feedback, DeBugMe also offers its own kanban board. It can be integrated with Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker or Visual Studio.

Website: www.debugme.eu

24. Bugherd

Mopinion: Top 17 Best Bug Tracking Tools: an overview - BugHerd
Source: Bugherd

Bugherd is an issue tracking and project management tool for developers and designers. The tool has an in-page feedback option, which allows customers to report bugs straight from the website. The visual task board makes it easy to manage, assign and prioritise tasks quickly. Bugherd can also be integrated with several apps like zapier, slack and basecamp. The prices vary from $39 to $189 a month.

Website: www.bugherd.com

25. Saber

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Saber
Source: Saber

Saber is very similar to UserSnap in that users can highlights issues on your website. There difference is that the notes you take in this customer feedback tool are based more on highlighted elements and not using drawings or arrows. All notes created are saved a screenshot which can be sent to you by email.

Website: www.saberfeedback.com

Community Feedback

Also referred to as feedback forums, community feedback is a type of customer feedback tool that is collected via your website or mobile app and published either in your community or on a public forum. Visitors are usually able to comment on feedback that has been published which often turn into discussions. They can also provide suggestions or notify you of problems they’re experiencing on your website. Thanks to their transparency and social effect, these tools have become quite popular.

26. UserReport

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - UserReport
Source: UserReport

UserReport is a visitor opinion platform that enables users to create customisable online surveys as well as provide feedback forums for their website visitors. Reports can be generated from this customer feedback tool which show the user details such as demographics and location. UserReport allows enables users to assign items so that different roles within their team can handle the responses.

Website: www.userreport.com

27. IdeaScale

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - IdeaScale
Source: IdeaScale

IdeaScale is another tool with which you can create a community of feedback and discussions among website visitors. This particular customer feedback tool can be integrated with Facebook and includes a profanity filter. Users can also conduct short polls and the design is customisable. IdeaScale offers both a free variant and packages for SMB and Enterprise.

Website: www.ideascale.com

28. GetSatisfaction

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - GetSatisfaction
Source: GetSatisfaction

GetSatisfaction is a customer feedback tool used by those looking to provide their visitors with a more social experience. Feedback can be collected from every page on the website and eventually ends up in a public forum. Users can collect feedback such as compliments, questions, problems or suggestions. Your users are able to comment on these feedback items as well. GetSatisfaction offers several options for forum moderation and management.

Website: www.getsatisfaction.com

29. UserEcho

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - UserEcho
Source: UserEcho

UserEcho is a software solution that offers a number of different tools including feedback, knowledge base, forum, helpdesk and livechat. Similar to GetSatisfaction, UserEcho also offers a voting system which enables you to determine what your customers like and don’t like. With this customer feedback tool, there is also the option for your visitors to send private requests via a ticketing system.

Website: www.userecho.com

30. UseResponse

Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - UseResponse
Source: UseResponse

UseResponse is a less expensive version of GetSatisfaction. However, this customer feedback tool provides you with a version that you can host yourself using open sourced code. In addition to feedback and a forum, you also receive access to a live chat client.

Website: www.useresponse.com

Selecting your customer feedback tool

We hope this overview has given you some good insight into which customer feedback tool(s) will help you create a more customer-centric approach – whether that may be through building trust, improving the customer experience or focusing on usability. Keep in mind, however, that the focus shouldn’t solely lie on collecting feedback but also analysing and acting on it. That is something not all of these tools excel in..


Mopinion: 30 Best Customer Feedback Tools: an overview - Mopinion

Mopinion is a customer feedback tool that belongs to several of the categories listed above. However, this software takes feedback one step further and offers in-depth analysis opportunities for its users. With real-time data visualisation in customisable dashboards and charts, users are able to quickly and efficiently digest large sums of data. Our ‘one-stop shop’ offers:

  • Feedback forms (passive and active)
  • Visual Feedback
  • More complex surveys that include question routing
  • In-depth analysis, including text analytics, sentiment analysis, smart labeling, etc.
  • Advanced data visualisation with in-chart filtering and customisable dashboards
  • Action Management

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

Want to learn more about Mopinion’s all-in-1 user feedback platform? Don’t be shy and take our software for a spin! Do you prefer it a bit more personal? Just book a demo. One of our feedback pro’s will guide you through the software and answer any questions you may have.