Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview

Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview

How do you know your customers are really satisfied and have achieved their desired outcomes while using your product or service? How do you understand your customer churn rate and avoid losing your customers before they actually walk away? With customer success software, you can do exactly all those things and so much more. That’s why customer success teams, account managers, and sales executives often rely on customer success software to achieve amazing results.

In this article, we will outline and review 20 of the best Customer Success Software, enabling you to make the right decision based on your organisation’s needs.

What is customer success software?

Customer Success Software is software that offers a unified, 360 degree view of all your customer data pulled and combined from third party applications such as email, CRM services, live chat, customer support ticket, and more. Top features of customer success software include but are not limited to customer engagement analytics, product usage tracking, customer health scoring, complete customer profiles, workflow automation and real time insights.

Benefits of using customer success software

Customer success software helps businesses proactively spot customers that need attention before they drop off. This type of software can help you decrease customer churn rate, increase customer engagement and retention, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and discover customer advocates that help boost revenue. Ultimately, by proactively understanding and helping customers, it will help businesses ensure their customers achieve the desired outcomes they want.

Let’s take a closer look at our top 20 Customer Success Software:

1. Gainsight

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - Gainsight

Gainsight is one of the best and highly rated customer success software in the industry. The platform offers a broad range of capabilities for customer success management that includes providing insights, collecting feedback, engaging customers, transforming customer success. One of its top features is Customer Health Scores that measures and gives each customer a specific score based on the overall satisfaction of a customer. The platform is also equipped with machine learning that is able to learn and enhance its predictions on customers based on its growing knowledge of customers and their previous behavior.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested


2. ClientSuccess

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is a customer success software that helps you retain and grow your existing customer base. The platform is known for its clean, easy to use interface that is well-favored by current users. Like Gainsight, its trademarked ClientSuccess Success Score offers customer-specific, detailed scores on customers’ overall health, product usage, sentiment, advocacy, engagement and more. However, its reporting feature is limited and third party application integrations could be better.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested


3. Custify

Mopinion: Top Customer Success Software - Custify

Custify is a Customer Success Software platform that helps SaaS businesses proactively manage their customers in real-time. This software helps its users ensure product adoption and reduce churn. It does so by gathering all customer data in one place, implementing alerts and notifications, as well as automating low-touch customer success workflows. Custify provides customer success teams with the relevant insights they need to better understand your customer lifecycle. The Customer 360° feature is one of the most used and appreciated ones because it lets teams see product usage, product adoption, and customer lifecycles in seconds.

Pricing: Ranges from $199/month (Starter) to $499/month (Standard). There’s also an Enterprise package available (pricing upon request)


4. LiveAgent

Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a customer success software that helps businesses manage interactions with their users. The software has a built-in CRM that gives businesses a uniform view of their customer’s contact information, their previous purchases, and past queries across multiple channels (email, social media, live chat, call, knowledge base.) The platform is also equipped with over 180 advanced features that include workflow automation, reporting and data analytics, and tools for both internal and external communication. In addition to that, LiveAgent integrates with over 40 third party applications and offers 24/7 support to its customers.

Pricing: Freemium pricing model, starting from $15 per agent per month, up to $39 per agent per month. Free trial is available for 14-days. No credit card required.


5. UserIQ

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - UserIQ

UserIQ is a customer success software that focuses on customer onboarding, user adoption, user engagement and feedback for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies. The platform gauges customer sentiment and behavior based on user login, adoption, and usage data as well as account level data. It also assists companies in offering guided onboarding tours to users to accelerate user adoption and in collecting user feedback through surveys. Like most platforms, it also provides customer-specific health score, proactive event notifications, and prompts customer advocacy.

Pricing: Free trial and quotation need to be requested


6. Freshsuccess

Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - FreshSucces

Freshsuccess, a product of Freshworks, helps software and subscription companies prevent churn, increase expansion, and strengthen customer relationships. With Freshsuccess users can quickly get insights into account health, support tickets, billing history, communications, and user engagement. It is also possible to boost your CSM (Customer Success Management) productivity using standardised workflows, automated tasks, and establish best-practices for your Customer Success team.

Pricing: Demo available, quotation needs to be requested


7. AppsforOps Timeline

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - AppsforOps

AppsforOps Timeline describes itself as a ‘game changing customer success software platform’. Its core feature Timeline lets you view a timeline of all your customer activities right in your Outlook or Gmail inbox. It loads automatically when you select or enter an email address, and all the activities loaded include but not limited to emails, calls, tasks, notes, and all the data from your existing systems such as sales, marketing, and customer support. Besides, its Company View will show you a timeline for any contacts that share the domain name of the email address selected or entered. The main advantage of this platform is its ability to show you the whole picture on any specific customer and help you act on what matters most.

Pricing: Annual Subscription: $100 (per user); Monthly Subscription: $10 (per user)


8. Amity

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - Amity

Amity markets itself as ‘the flexible customer success platform’ that adapts to your business. The platform supports plenty third party app integrations, and with that, offers a unified view of all your customers and their data from CRM, support, billing, email, marketing, and usage and outcome data. It also comes with automation — SmartPlaybooks — that automates repetitive, manual, information-driven processes. Like most platforms, it also provides customer insights such as health score and engagement, reporting, and collaboration across your organisation.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested


9. PlanHat

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - PlanHat

PlanHat is an easy-to-use customer success software with a clean and user-friendly interface. Like most platforms, it puts all of your customer data and interactions in one place and offers customer insights and health scoring. However, it provides a powerful onboarding product that lets you build playbook and workflow, revenue management for subscription businesses, and a virtual workspace for customer success team collaboration. PlanHat is also known in the industry for ease of use and fast onboarding process.

Pricing: Startup: $500 (per month, plus $1 per customer, per month), Professional: $1250 (per month, plus $1 per customer, per month), Enterprise: Custom


10. Bolstra

Mopinion: Top 10 Customer Success Software - Bolstra

Bolstra is another customer success software that helps companies achieve complete visibility of customer activity and health and tackle customer churn. The platform also helps companies manage customer growth and predict revenue more accurately. If your organisation is big, great thing is it enables easy collaboration across various department. However, one of the major downside of this platform is its lack of survey management, which is very crucial to customer success management.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested


11. Strikedeck

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - StrikeDeck

Strikedeck is one of the leading self-service customer success platforms that is powered by AI and machine learning. With its central dashboard Customer 360, you can see your entire customer base with real time analytics at a glance. It also automatically identifies churn risks as well as upselling and cross-selling candidates using predictive analytics and machine learning so that you can immediately act on them. Another awesome feature of Strikedeck is that it brings and combines all the data of each and every customer of yours, from your CRM to email and social media to billing, to compute a live customer happiness score. However, the learning curve for Strikedeck might be steep if you are not familiar with customer success software.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


12. Client Share

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Client Share

Unlike most customer success platforms, Client Share is built and designed for buyers and suppliers. As suppliers, you can use the platform to manage all key accounts in one place, analyse customer experience and happiness score, and reduce churn rates and boost revenue. Similarly, as buyers, you can use manage all of your key suppliers in one place and analyse and improve your relationships with them and their overall health scores. Besides, there is also a private, collaborative community for buyers and suppliers to interact and engage with one another. However, the pricing of its plans might be steep compared to others, starting at £150 per month.

Pricing: SME: £150 per Client Share/Month, Enterprise: Custom



Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - STAMP

Described itself as ‘your B2B customer success engine’, STAMP is a powerful B2B customer success platform that features two primary dashboards (one is client-oriented and the other is for internal use). STAMP produces a dashboard for every of your client, visualising detailing overall perspective and customer sentiment with key indicators such as Ease of Doing Business and Net Promoter, category scorecard that shows how your company is meeting the needs of your customers in key categories, and more. Internally, you get access to a dashboard that shows performances of your account managers and know who is getting ahead or lagging behind. You can even use STAMP to benchmark yourself against your peers or competitors. However, you can expect hefty price tags for such a feature-rich, advanced platform.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


14. Salesmachine

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Salesmachine

Salesmachine described itself as a customer success orchestration platform that is trusted by Instapage, Zenhub, and mention. It offers a comprehensive health scoring system that tells you which customers are at risk and which leads are ready to convert. Besides, it lets you see a holistic view of all of your customers in one place along with indicators such as NPS, Pulse, Lifecycle Stage, and Overall Usage. In order to free up your time so that you can focus on taking real action to enhance customer success, it enables you to integrate popular tools like CRM, emails, support, and product usage, and then automate your workflows.

Pricing: Grow: $75, Scale: $500, Business: $2500 (per month, billed annually)


15. CustomerSuccessBox

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox is a customer success platform that is specialised in B2B Software-as-a-Service and driven by outcomes in three areas: customer adoption, customer retention, upselling. Aside from visually compelling 360 degree view of customers and health monitoring, the platform also tracks customer success and analytics of your customers across five categories: product adoption, financial, service, relationship, and risk. Besides, it also lets you track your milestones and progress on each client from onboarding to retention to upselling. You can also send email campaigns to customers based on pre-defined triggers right from the platform. However, the platform lacks automation for workflows, though it supports plenty of integrations.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


16. Akita

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Akita

Akita is another customer success software that aims to help you reduce customer churn, boost revenues (by identifying upsell or cross-sell opportunities), and build long term relationships with your customers. It comes with essential features such as account health scoring, customer lifecycle management, customer segmentation, automated playbooks, and usage tracking. In addition, you can integrate Akita with over 100 SaaS tools with one click and enhance your workflow. It also automatically sends actionable alerts driven by data and analytics so that you can take immediate action. However, the major drawback is that it charges higher than other competitors do and each additional user cost $80 per month.

Pricing: $240 (3 users, per month, billed annually. Higher prices for monthly billing)


17. Catalyst

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Catalyst

Catalyst is a customer success platform that combines customer analytics and insights and workflow automation to let you maximise customer lifetime value. Its powerful platform consists of 360 degree profiles of all your customers, product usage tracking, a task manager that brings all your works and tools in one place, playbooks, campaigns, and customer segmentation. Interestingly, using its playbooks, you can define conditions and results to help your customers have the journeys in the direction you set. To reduce customer churn and improve customer success, its campaign feature empowers you to use personalisation and targeted templates to automate your drip campaigns.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


18. CustomerGauge

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge is customer success software that is focused on Net Promoter and customer retention. It is trusted by renowned, global brands such as DHL, Eventbrite, and Electrolux. It comes with its Monetize Net Promoter that goes beyond measuring customers’ loyalty and feedback; it also provides instant insights into customers for you to act on as well as identifies opportunities to fuel growth. Unlike other customer success software, it provides a Net Promoter Score for employees (eNPS) that helps you reduce employee churn and produce highly-engaged, happy employees, which leads to more happy customers in return.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


19. Optimove

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Optimove

Optimove is science-driven customer retention and success software that gives you proven insights into your customers, empowers you to engage better with your customers, and automate your marketing campaigns with Optibot. Its Single Customer View and 360 degree Customer view keep you updated about your customers in real time with sources from on-site/in-app user activity, third party data, and first party raw data. Furthermore, its predictive micro-segmentation technology allows you to personalise messages, offers, and promotions to customers based on their micro-segments. Plus, you can automate cross-channel campaigns to counter potential churn and increase customer success on its platform.

Pricing: Quotation needs to be requested on the website


20. Kilterly

Mopinion: Top 20 Customer Success Software: An Overview - Kilterly

Kilterly is a customer success platform that lets you take control of your customer lifecycle, gain customer insights, and take actions before your customers walk away. Customisable survey is a unique feature of the platform that lets you create and conduct unlimited surveys that measure NPS and client sentiment. It also offers a Customer Churn Dashboard where you can manage and monitor your customer satisfaction and potential churn through insightful data such as client usage score and ticketing score status. To act on the insights and data, you can then utilise its campaign management functionality to create and run effective campaigns and track progresses. However, one of the major limitations of Kilterly is that it does not support a lot of third party integrations, but it does keep on adding more such HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM.

Pricing: Startup: $359, SMB: $539, Large: $729, Enterprise: Custom (per month)



And that’s a wrap. As you can see, with the right customer success software, you can decrease your customer churn rate, improve customer engagement and retention, and expand your customer base. It’s never too late to help your customers attain their desired outcomes and get the superior customer experience they want. And remember to take advantage of the platform to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and find your ideal customer advocates.

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