Great Templates for Employee Engagement Surveys

‘Employees are the backbone of our business’. But do your employees feel invested in the mission of your company? What about future employees? Interestingly enough, while 78% of companies have a documented employment engagement strategy, only 50% measure the success of this strategy. That is why it’s important to measure engagement and continuously ensure your employees (and future employees) are happy and committed. Try one of our free employee engagement survey templates from the Survey Marketplace!

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What is Employee Engagement?

According to Customer Insight, Employee Engagement is the ‘extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organisation, and put discretionary effort into their work’. Organisations that cater well to their employees and make efforts to boost employee engagement are going to do better overall for several reasons: Employee engagement aids in productivity, customer satisfaction, employee retention and an enhanced company culture.

Mopinion: Great Templates for Employee Engagement Surveys - What is Employee Engagement

Why is it important to measure Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement surveys can provide you with a lot of insight into employee morale and satisfaction. They’re also very useful for gauging how other internal processes have gone, including recruiting processes. For example, collecting feedback on a candidate’s experience with the company can help you improve HR strategies.

Employee Engagement Survey Templates

To measure employee engagement, you can make use of employee engagement surveys. In the Mopinion Survey Marketplace, we supply you with three, valuable employee engagement survey templates:

1. Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee satisfaction is predicated on acknowledging how many employees enjoy their work on a daily basis. Applying this type of survey is also great way of gaining insight into how to create as well as reinforce an enjoyable work environment.

What’s great about these surveys is that you can use them to gauge satisfaction in different areas, including career development, work environment, salary / benefits, communication, etc.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Great Templates for Employee Engagement Surveys - Employee Satisfaction Survey

2. Candidate Experience Survey Template

Turn your feedback into a working HR strategy with Candidate Experience Surveys. After all, it’s just as important to offer a good value proposition to your employees as it is your customers. These types of surveys can give you a good insight into how well you’re performing in terms of recruitment – so that you can quickly rectify it!

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Great Templates for Employee Engagement Surveys - Candidate Experience Survey

3. Job Application Form Template

Try our Job Application Form template. This template provides you with a quick and engaging survey that makes the job search fun for once! These surveys are also great in that all of your applicants responses are collected in one place, making the selection process easier.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Great Templates for Employee Engagement Surveys - Job application Form

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