Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already signed up for a demo with an online feedback software company. Nice going! This is a smart first step in getting yourself acquainted with a particular software. So what can you expect from your demo? Generally speaking, a good software demonstration should provide you with the following: a deeper understanding of the software’s user experience (e.g. navigation and design), a clear explanation of all the benefits the software provides and most importantly, give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the software.

In this article, we’d like to put a little more attention on this last part (asking questions in a feedback software demo), because it can be surprisingly difficult to come up with the right questions in the moment.

Why sign up for a feedback software demo?

Signing up for a free demo can be a real asset to your decision making process. It is a great way to get one-on-one time with your potential provider as well as get a glimpse into how the platform works. While this experience does answer a lot of your questions in terms of layout, navigation and overall user experience, it does raise a lot of additional questions.

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Demo set up

Mopinion has been giving online feedback software demos for years now and along the way, we’ve gained a lot of insight into what customers expect and what kind of information they sought to get out of the experience. Based on these insights, we’ve come up with some key questions to ask during a demo that will help your business make the best decision.

Good demos don’t have to be perfect for the product. They have to be perfect for the audience.

Robert Falcone, VP Sales at Zoomer

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If we get straight down to it, the Q&A process can be broken down into four categories:

  • Project goals
  • Product
  • Pricing / Services
  • Installation / Security

So let’s get started. Here is our list of key questions to ask in an online feedback software demo:

Project Goals

Coming up with your own goals is a critical starting point for any project. One of the biggest pitfalls of product demos is that people tend to focus on checking features off a list, rather than concentrating on what you want to achieve with your team and for your company. So before signing up for any demos, try asking yourself these questions first…

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Questions

Be thinking about…

  • What kinds of problems am I running into on our website / mobile app?
  • What do I want to achieve with a feedback software (e.g. identifying customer satisfaction levels, customer loyalty, usability)?
  • Which metrics are most important to me? And what types of insights will help me reach these goals?

During the demo

  • Do you have ways of catering to our specific industry, e.g. industry-specific solutions?
  • Do you have testimonials and case studies available?
  • What have you done for similar companies when it comes to problem X?
  • Why should I choose your solution in particular? What are your USPs?


An online feedback software is only valuable if you know how to use it properly. That is why it so critical to make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the product. This includes feature offerings, user onboarding (especially in large teams), product updates and user rights.


  • What are the different feedback form display options (display and trigger options)?
  • What do you offer in terms of customisation options (e.g. feedback forms and dashboarding)? Which metrics do I have to choose from?
  • Do you offer question routing?
  • Does your solution let me filter through feedback results? How does this work?
  • Can feedback data be exported from the software?
  • How will I be alerted of new feedback items?
  • Do you offer an in-app feedback solution as well (e.g. SDK)?
  • What about text & sentiment analysis?
  • Does your platform have AI functionalities?

User onboarding

  • Is there built-in user onboarding?
  • What is the timeframe for user onboarding? In other words, when can I expect my team to be up and running?

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Onboarding

New releases/ Product Updates

  • How frequently are new releases introduced?
  • Will I be updated about the releases?

User rights

  • Which user profiles are available in your platform?
  • Is there a limit to how many users you can have?
  • To what degree can I restrict certain users?
  • Can anyone who isn’t licensed access our company account?

Pricing / Services

Understanding the pricing model and what is included in the package you choose is also an important factor. There are various kinds of customer feedback software that cater to different company sizes, e.g. Enterprise and SMBs, so be sure you select a software that can meet your pricing requirements, along with services required.

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Pricing

  • Do you offer a free trial?
  • What does the pricing structure look like, e.g. do you pay monthly or annually?
  • Do I pay more if I want to add users, dashboards or feedback forms?
  • What happens after we hit the allotted amount of pageviews?
  • Which license is available if I only have one app?
  • On how many domains or digital channels am I allowed to run the feedback software?
  • Is support included in the price? How much will I be entitled to?
  • Do I get a dedicated success manager?
  • Do you have a Knowledge Base available?
  • What happens if I need tech support outside office hours?

Installation / Security Questions

For a lot of users – especially those with limited technical knowledge – we often sense a bit of apprehension when it comes to the technical side of the platform, e.g. the installation and and integrations. This is common, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Additionally, we cannot stress enough how important security is in the world of data – especially with all of the changes in legislation brought forth by GDPR. That is why it’s important to make sure your provider adheres to all security regulations and takes the right measure to protect your data. It’s also important to understand where liability rests and what is expected of your business.

Set up / Installation

  • How do you implement a feedback form? How long does this take?
  • How can I set up triggers for forms?
  • What technical skills are required?
  • Is there a difference between setting up mobile and website feedback forms?
  • What kind of technical data is added to the feedback data (e.g. browser, device or app information)?
  • Where does the feedback data go once collected?

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Tech Support


  • What are your most popular integrations?
  • Are third party connectors necessary?
  • Can we build custom integrations?
  • Do you work with webhooks?
  • Do you offer a Software Development Kit? How does that work?

Note: Integrations is a rather popular category. Especially as you and many of our users work with a wider digital ecosystem. So be sure you have all your ‘ducks in a row’ when it comes to knowing your integration options.

Data Security

  • What are your security policies?
  • Where are your servers located? Can I choose which servers host my data?
  • Do you offer a template for a GDPR Data Processing contract?
  • Are processing procedures in accordance with GDPR?
  • Do you offer data masking?

Mopinion: Key Questions to ask in an Online Feedback Software Demo - Security

For more information on the impact of GDPR on digital feedback collection, click here.

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We hope these questions will help guide you in choosing the right feedback software for your company.

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