How UNN uses Mopinion feedback to gain insights

UNN – the United News Network GmbH, is a press service provider from Karlsruhe (Germany) and consists of a team of creative people who stand for first-class service and strive for constant further development. UNN is known for its PR solutions PresseBox and lifePR. With years of experience, UNN forms the link between companies and their target groups.

In order to guarantee its customers a smooth user experience when distributing content, UNN places a high priority on providing an intuitive, user-friendly online environment. We spoke to Sebastian Flach, Team Lead of Customer Care, about how UNN uses Mopinion and what insights they have already been able to gain. Here’s what we learned…

Source: UNN

UNN uses Mopinion in their portal. In principle, their customers can do everything online here: post press releases, view statistics, operate and book features in their platform. Feedback surveys have been implemented in various user areas in the portal in order to obtain direct feedback from users during the user process.

Feedback from the newsroom

As a press service provider, UNN has built a “newsroom” into their user environment. In this newsroom, the UNN team integrated a feedback survey to find out what their customers are still missing in the newsroom. Several customers have used the feedback form to send a message to the company. Based on this data, the team was able to identify that the customer base needed an input field to send a message to the company directly from the newsroom. UNN is already working on the development and implementation of this button.

“We received positive lessons from the survey results. We have received feedback and requests, some of which we have already implemented. It’s really nice that some interesting requests from customers have been brought to our attention through the integration of Mopinion surveys.”

Sebastian Flach, United News Network

Source: UNN

unn-screenshot-newsroom-feedback (2)
Source: UNN

Even before using Mopinion, Sebastian Flach and his team were always in touch with their customers. The customer care team is actively involved with their customers when possible, i.e. calling to see if there is room for improvement, and of course being there for their customers if problems arise. UNN’s customers also all have their own contact persons. Unfortunately, however, they cannot always tend to their customers, and that’s where Mopinion comes in for them – with an automated process. For UNN, the implementation of the survey is a first step towards leveraging user feedback to its highest potential.

“The aim of the Mopinion surveys is that we give users the opportunity to simply tell us what they want, what they are missing, and what they would like to change. And of course that is also very important because we cannot always be with the customers.”

Thank you UNN for the cooperation. We wish you continued insightful feedback!

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