Humanizing your CRO efforts with soft data

Humanizing your CRO efforts with soft data

Mopinon has just released another new episode on its growingly popular podcast series 360 Digital. So what’s the juicy topic this month? For our 6th episode we’re switching gears and focusing on another field of digital: conversion rate optimisation (or CRO). The reason being is that somewhere along the line, the process of optimising online conversion rates has really become a balancing act. There are so many techniques and tools out there catered to gathering hard data (or quantitative data), but what about the more humanized, soft data (or qualitative data)?

And that presents a burning question for a lot of CRO specialists…how can you humanize your CRO efforts with soft data?

To get the answers to this question, we sat down with Tim Thijsse, CRO Specialist at Beerwulf, a fast-growing online craft beer shop based out of the Netherlands. With seven years of experience as a web consultant in both insurance and publishing, a background in user experience and of course, an in-depth understanding of CRO thanks to his work on many projects such as and Ziggo, Tim takes a moment to shed some light on the challenges of being a CRO specialist as well as how he and his team leverage soft data to fuel their CRO efforts.

humanizing your cro efforts with soft data
A brand new episode with CRO Specialist Tim Thijsse on 360 Digital

Humanizing your CRO efforts with soft data

How do your users feel? Why are they behaving in a certain way? Why are they dropping off in certain online funnels? To fully understand your hard data, you’re going to need soft data to complement it. This episode provides you with some practical examples and scenarios whereby your soft data can really help drive your CRO strategy and help you make sense of the actions of your visitors.

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