Online Customer Journeys Programme

Mopinion Launches Ground-breaking Online Customer Journeys Programme

Unique online research software solution helps businesses capture and analyse online customer journeys in real-time to improve services and increase sales.

Customer feedback management software specialist Mopinion, today announces the launch of its new Online Customer Journeys Programme which enables companies to capture, analyse and act upon direct feedback from their customer’s online activities. With Mopinion’s new approach it is possible gain insight into individual online customer journeys and see in real-time what visitors experience and think of important website processes like sales funnels, self-service tools, and product and corporate content. The highly advanced data-collection tools enable website visitors to address issues as they occur and on a structural basis.

With the intuitive Mopinion Dashboards it is easy to see which online journeys need immediate attention and to compare individual journeys to industry sector averages, to ascertain performance compared to competitors. The Mopinion platform makes sure issues or problems can be rectified immediately to help ensure sales retention and customer satisfaction.

“We are the first feedback software supplier to offer a reliable and simple  way to capture and analyse individual online customer journeys as they happen on your website. The new Online Customer Journeys Programme has been developed to make the most of the real-time information that is generated when potential new and repeat customers visit your website.

However, it’s not just about clicks! Our solution triggers mini surveys based on a visitor’s behaviour with relevant questions about what the customer is actually experiencing at that moment (i.e. ordering a product, or browsing an FAQ) with open comments and ratings, so visitors can share their feedback and a score without having complete a traditional long-winded survey.

Mopinion Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue Udesh Jadnanansing

The new solution offers a far more granular view of the online customer experience, as Udesh Jadnanansing continued, “Companies that only conduct traditional methods of online research, such as post-sale surveys, are missing out on the actual events and actionable insights to improve the customer experience, as they happen.

Our solution offers a new approach which works with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile operating systems, and combines web analytics data with behaviour patterns and alerting you to things that seem to be driving potential business to competitors. This information is then presented in our insights & action platform so the trends can be explored as they happen.

Mopinion’s Online Customer Journeys Programme is an effective way of assessing a number of different areas including:

  • Content – analyses what information is searched for and highlights what is missing.
  • Shopping – monitors why customers may be leaving your retail pages and flags up any ordering or registration difficulties with the online channels.
  • Online services – monitors the customer experience of your online services to make them easier to optimise.
  • Support and Customer Contact – Mopinion integrates with existing self-service and event-driven tools such as FAQ pages, chat facilities, forums and contact forms to gather data. Every tool can be used to trigger questions ascertaining the customer experience, without being intrusive to the user.
  • Event-Driven Behaviour – by combining customer data (such as mouse and click behaviour, duration of processes and the click path) Mopinion assess customer journeys so companies can look at this behavioural data in the context of the business as a whole

The Online Customer Journeys Programme was developed in response to feedback from Mopinion’s customers as well as general market trends towards gaining more granular details of customer opinions, as Udesh Jadnanansing added, “The online research industry has evolved rapidly in the last few years and is looking to take full advantage of the diverse range of online data collection methods now available. We are able to work with businesses to map the potential online customer journeys and to put in place feedback requests that are completely bespoke to the business.

This gives a much better idea of the impressions that customers get of your company, its services and its online tools. Traditional surveys have always struggled to capture actionable insights and reach customers when the event is still fresh in their minds. Being able to accurately map these customer journeys and to check they are working efficiently adds a whole new dimension to online research and we believe it is a key way to ensure your users get the best experience, without feeling the need to contact your competitors instead.

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