Skoda: Optimising Overall User Experience

Skoda is a large automotive from the Czech Republic. It is one of the oldest car companies in the world after Daimler-Benz, Opel and Fiat. Skoda works with Mopinion to listen to website visitors and to further strengthen relationships with their online customers.

The Challenge

Skoda recently launched a new website for the Dutch market. As many digital marketers know, launching a new website always comes with issues such as problems in the navigation, self-service tools that do not do what you expect them to do, flaws in the design, or new user flows that people find confusing. For this reason customer feedback plays a crucial role. Skoda chose Mopinion to monitor which parts of the website needed the most attention, to identify issues immediately and to learn more about how visitors use and perceive the new website.


Using Mopinion’s Customer Feedback Intelligence platform, Skoda was able to analyse large amounts of feedback data and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Skoda also sees the possibility for a visitor to provide feedback as an extra service to the customer, 24 hours a day. As one of the members of the web team at Skoda puts it:

Maybe Skoda is not the most hip or cool brand, but we are reliable and helpful and this we want our customers to know. The customer feedback solutions provided Mopinion contribute to this goal.

Skoda uses the Mopinion feedback collection tools as a service-oriented solution to improve the website. Besides capturing and analysing feedback from their website, Skoda also published customer feedback on several pages of the website.


Mopinion proved to be a perfect solution for providing a service to consumers 24 hours a day. To make sure the website is being optimised in the best possible way, Skoda also tested the website by using customer panels who provided feedback with Mopinion software. Using Mopinion, Skoda has changed both content as functional processes resulting in an improved customer experience. Skoda sees that the amount of feedback for certain issues has decreased, eventually leading to more conversions. As one marketer at Skoda says:

The platform from Mopinion is user friendly. I think the Mopinion team is easily accessible and when you contact them, you will be helped immediately.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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