An inside look into the E-Learning Industry

Ready for another episode of the 360 Digital podcast? Then you’re in for a treat… As you know, in our last episode we sat down with retail expert Wijnand Jongen to talk about the latest movements in the retail industry. During this episode, he gave us the inside scoop on what’s happening within this industry as a result of the pandemic and where it’s headed. In episode #4, however, we are going to dive into an industry that is experiencing a great deal of growth in recent years: the E-Learning Industry.

Disclaimer: sound quality isn’t always top-notch in the podcasting world, but that doesn’t reflect on the quality of the speaker we have this month.

In this episode, we talk to marketing professional Tessie Woestenberg who is active in the e-learning industry. Tessie is the Marketing Manager at Drillster as well as a regular writer for marketing blogs like the Dutch websites Marketingfacts and Frankwatching.

E-learning podcast on 360 Digital

An Inside Look at the E-Learning Industry

Although many would say that the pandemic has thrusted the e-learning industry forward, with so many schools adopting this way of learning – due to lockdowns and school closures – this industry has been growing for a while now. The overall market is expected to reach 350 billion USD by 2025.

With so much success, we thought it’d be interesting to dive a bit deeper and see what kinds of digital strategies these platforms are working with and how they leverage those strategies for long term success.

Ready for your first lesson in understanding how the e-learning industry works?

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