Top 10 Task Management Software: An Overview

Want to step up your game in managing projects and tasks? Think you and your team need to find a way to be more productive and efficient in completing tasks and projects? You’re not alone. And there is a way to make work more productive and projects more successful. Let me introduce you to task management software. Many enterprises, big or small, use task management software to collaborate better and achieve more, and so should you…

In this article, we will tell you a little bit more about task management software and what benefits these tools can provide for your organisation. We will also outline our top 10 task management software.

So what is task management software?

Task management software is a platform or tool that enables you and your team to break down large projects and big goals into manageable tasks, then effectively collaborate together in a shared virtual workspace. Other than project and task management, such software typically lets you map out your project plan, assign tasks and deadlines, track time, communicate with team, share and store files, integrate third party apps, gain insights into performance and more.

What are the benefits of using task management software?

First, you and your team can create, manage, and complete projects and tasks in a timely, effective and painless manner. Next, it saves your team time and improves productivity when everyone is constantly on the same page and is able to communicate, share files, and collaborate with ease. Last but not least, every project can be a success with the right software and usage.

1. Taskworld


Taskworld is one of the best task management software that comes with task and project management, project planning and timeline, file management, time tracking, team messaging and performance reports. It’s well secured as all of your data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you’re working with clients or any third parties, you can simply invite them to join your Taskworld workspace and collaborate together. It also features useful project templates for you to organize workflows without headaches. However, with such rich and complete features, you can expect to pay for a high price per user, per month.

Pricing: Professional: $10.99 (per user, per month), Enterprise: custom (quotation needs to be requested by phone call)



Monday is more than your typical task management software; it describes itself as ‘all your work in one visual, collaborative space’. It’s intuitive and easy to use with fast onboarding via email invite and drag-and-drop features. Besides, it has many templates for every use case, all ready to use and easily customizable to suit your project needs. Apart from group messaging, file management, time tracking, and project overview, it integrates well with many tools such as Slack, Zapier, and available as mobile apps.

Pricing: Basic: $25, Standard: $39, Pro: $59, Enterprise: $118 (5 users, per month, billed yearly) (Lower prices available for bi-annual billing, higher for monthly billing)


3. Asana


Asana is one of the most well-known task and project management software that has a uniquely clean and beautiful interface. It’s suitable for every different project, from marketing campaign to company goals. Another great thing about Asana is its Timeline that easily lets you visually map out your project plan to the minutes, share it to get everyone on the same page, modify plans as changes occur. You can also seamlessly integrate over 1000 apps and tools from development to reporting into Asana.

Pricing: Premium: $9.99, Business: $19.99, Enterprise: Contact sales (per user, per month, billed yearly) (higher prices for monthly billing)


4. Smartsheet


Smartsheet is another prominent name in the collaborative task and work management software industry that boasts clients like Netflix, Cisco, and Paypal. It’s one of the few tools that has automation features that allow users to automate repetitive actions such as approvals and requests without the help of IT. In addition to normal app integrations, this software integrates well with enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Jira. It’s available in both Android and iOS apps.

Pricing: Individual: $14, Business: $25 (per user, per month), Enterprise: Contact sales


5. Basecamp


Basecamp is one of the highly affordable task and work management software that boasts unlimited users and all-inclusive features for $99 per month, provided that your company has more than 10 employees. Its all-inclusive features include team messaging, task management, schedules, and file management and storage. Other than Windows, this software is available on Mac, iOs, and Android. However, the major drawback of this software is that the fixed pricing is not ideal for startups and small businesses with less than 10 users. If you want to give it ago, know that it offers 30-day free trial.

Pricing: $99 per month, all inclusive


6. Trello


Trello is one of the few software in the task and work management industry that offers a forever free plan with limited features. With Trello, to manage tasks and projects is as simple as creating a board, inviting your team, creating a workflow with lists or steps, adding ‘cards’ (tasks), and throwing in any details. It also lets you add third-party apps, from automation to HR operations, directly into your board to enhance your productivity. This software is available on the web, PC, Mac, iOS, Android — all with instant notification that synced across all devices.

Pricing: Free: $0, Business Class: $9.99, Enterprise: $20.83 (per user, per month, billed yearly) (higher prices for monthly billing)


7. Wrike


Wrike markets itself as the right task and work management software for any team, from creative teams to marketing teams. It has all the features you will need: project planning and management, team collaboration, real-time reporting, customization, integrations, security, and support. Like Smartsheet, Wrike enables you to automate request forms and assignment to the right team with Dynamic Request Forms. It also automatically prompts reviews and approvals from the right people for you. Last but not least, you can also gain instant insights into any teams and projects with readily available report templates.

Pricing: Free: $0 (up to 5 users), Professional: $9.80, Business: $24.80, Marketers & Enterprise: Contact sales (per user, per month, billed yearly)


8. Intervals


Intervals is fully web-based task and project management software that doesn’t have annual contract; all plans for monthly billing (how rare!). Other than time tracking, reporting, personalization, it also offers invoicing and Intervals APIs for developers to integrate your Intervals data anywhere and build custom functionality. One of the downsides of Intervals is that, apart from Unlimited plan, all of its plans have limited active projects: 25 for Basic, 50 for Not So Basic, and 100 for Premium. But if your emphasis is on the number of users, this software might be right for you as it boasts unlimited users for all plans.

Pricing: Basic: $59, Not So Basic: $99, Premium: $159, Unlimited: $299 (unlimited users, per month, monthly billing)


9. Clickup


Calling itself ‘the productivity platform’, Clickup is one of the few software that offers a forever free plan with unlimited users and projects. Like most software, you can use it to manage projects and tasks, collaborate with your team, track time and stay on schedules, and work with guests. It also supports process management, full customization, reporting, and integration. Besides, it’s worth noting that it can easily help you switch from rival platforms such as Asana, Trello, and more. The biggest advantage of Clickup is its affordable, competitive pricing that costs no more than $9 per user for its Business plan.

Pricing: Free: $0 (unlimited users and projects), Unlimited: $5, Business: $9 (per user, per month, billed year)


10. nTask

Mopinion: Top 10 Task Management Software: An Overview - nTask

nTask is a multilayered project management software designed to cater every aspect of your project without switching applications. It gives a smart over-all coverage to your project needs starting from initiation till project closure. Devise powerful project plans through native Gantt charts and monitor performance via timesheets. The tool also ensures a smooth project lifecycle by allowing you to timely track and resolve project issues and risks. Moreover, the elaborate meeting management module saves you the horror of unproductive team meetings. The tool can also be integrated with Slack to stay aligned with your team goals. All this is facilitated through a clutter-free placement of features, along with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Pricing: nTask offers a Free (unlimited tasks, unlimited meetings, up to 5 free workspace, 5 projects, timesheet management, issues and risks management), and a Pro ($2.99 – unlimited everything) plan.


Increase your productivity with task management software

And there you have it, our top 10 Task Management software! As always, there are more differences among them than they seem at first. Be sure to find the right type of task management software that fits your business needs. Regardless of their differences, they will help you in effectively managing tasks and projects, increasing productivity and team collaboration, saving time, staying on schedules, and ultimately making every project a success.


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