Always Stay Up-To-Date With Mopinion’s Changelog and Status Page

Always Stay Up-To-Date With Mopinion’s Changelog and Status Page

At Mopinion, we are constantly enhancing our platform with new features and fixes, thanks to the user feedback we collect. Naturally, we want to ensure that you’re always aware of these changes and updates. To make sure that you can always stay in touch with our team, learn about updates and find all the information you need, we’ve set up two new locations where you can keep a finger on the pulse of all things Mopinion, a changelog and a status page.

These new pages will make sure you can always…

  • Know what’s going on inside the platform.
  • Keep in touch with the Mopinion support team and report issues easily.
  • Find all the information you need.

Check the status

There really is nothing worse than turning on your computer to start your day, only to discover that the internet is down. We’ve all felt the frustration of helplessly trying to figure out the problem, before finally caving in and calling your internet provider to ask for help. Then of course, after waiting for over fifteen minutes on hold, the customer service agent tells you that it’s a known issue, and that it’s being addressed.

It probably would have been nice to know this before you wasted thirty minutes of your morning, right?

It’s not you, it’s us

Unfortunately, things happen. Perhaps we have planned maintenance or (heaven forbid) an unexpected event occurs, causing issues. We know that nobody likes to feel clueless in these types of circumstances. To avoid any situation like this happening to you, now you can easily check the status page, and you’ll be able to see the issue here directly.

user feedback tool Mopinion releases status page

Our support team ensures the information is always up-to-date, with the latest information about the cause and solution here. If we are already aware of the issue, then it will say so on our status page.

status page Mopinion

If you check the page and see that there is no information available, then you can help us out by informing us of the issue you’re experiencing, and we can get to work investigating the problem. This saves time for you, the user, and for our team. It’s a win-win!

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Never miss an update

Have you ever logged onto a platform or app and get the feeling that something is a little different, but, you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Perhaps certain functionalities perform differently, or you notice what looks like a brand-new feature, but somehow, you missed the in-app announcements, and have no idea what it’s for or how to use it.

To avoid this, we wanted to shine an extra light on what’s new inside the Mopinion platform. We created an external changelog, filled with the latest news about the Mopinion app, making sure you’ll never miss a beat.

Now, you might be thinking, but what’s a changelog?

mopinion changelog

A changelog is a curated feed of relevant updates, news and product changes laid out to help you easily find out what’s new within the Mopinion platform. Consider our changelog to be the one-stop-shop for all things Mopinion.

You’ll find announcements about the latest and greatest features and releases, from UX releases that improve feedback management, or conversational feedback, to smaller, less impactful but equally important issues and bug fixes. This way, you’ll always know what’s happening with Mopinion, and view how the platform is constantly evolving.

Always know what’s up (or down)

Now that you’re armed with two new ways to stay in touch with all things Mopinion, you can rest assured that you’ll never be left in the dark. Always stay in touch with our support team, and ensure you have the most up-to-date information with our external changelog and our status page, visible from both the website footer and through the in-app service menu.

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