Why it is so Important to Have a Responsive Website?

Why it is so Important to Have a Responsive Website?

It won’t come as surprise for you to hear that mobile phone usage has been increasing over the past decade. With the launch of the iPhone and other modern smartphones hitting the market, much of the population now expect to be able to do many everyday tasks through their mobile devices.

A few years ago mobile took over desktops as the number one way to access the internet and now 55% of website access is from mobile users. Not only do people want to be able to check their social media accounts on their phone, they also want to use it for business purposes such as dealing with emails or buying products or services.

If you have a website that you use to generate business, then these facts and statistics should be of great importance to you. Many businesses have been catering for mobile users for years but if you are only just starting up or you haven’t thought about mobile users, then it is time to catch up.

The infographic below from Top 10 Website Hosting perfectly summarises why it is so important to have a responsive website. For instance, did you know that 67% of mobile users say that if they visit a mobile friendly site they are more likely to buy a service or product? The fact of the matter is, if your site isn’t responsive it will cause frustration and your mobile users will opt to leave your site and do business elsewhere.

Mopinion: Why it is so Important to Have a Responsive Website [Infographic]

Online feedback can help

These kinds of issues are hard to identify without having a way of interacting with your customers. Which is why businesses are increasingly using social media to generate queries from their target audience. They are also spending more time collecting and analysing online customer feedback. This is the only way to really understand your target audience and use that information to drive your business sales.

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