Why travel companies should listen to the Voice of the Customer

The travel industry, one of the world’s largest industries, has changed drastically over the last few years as a result of digitisation. Digitally confident customers now seek more control of the booking process, making the demands for good (online) service even higher than before. So what does this mean for travel marketers? You guessed it, the Voice of the Customer must become a top priority.

Capturing the Voice of the Customer at every touchpoint in the online customer journey is critical in the travel industry. Nearly “75% of consumers expect to be able to provide real-time feedback on their experiences” whilst on travel websites. These ‘in-the-moment’ evaluations are not only valuable in that they enable travel websites to immediately assist travelers in the booking process but also enhance the process for future visitors.

In this infographic, we look at how the industry’s notoriously high abandonment rate can be lessened by putting just a little more attention towards the Voice of the Customer. Also, based on figures from Mopinion’s Benchmark Study, we give you an idea of just how many marketers out there are already satisfied with their efforts to monitor this feedback from customers.

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A great guide for digital professionals about the importance of user feedback in a digitising travel industry.

Mopinion: Why travel companies should be listening to the Voice of the Customer - Infographic

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