Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2016

The Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2016 reveals that most major European companies still remain in the beginning stages of monitoring customer experience through digital channels such as websites and mobile apps. Nearly half of these respondents feel that they are doing reasonably well in terms of monitoring customer feedback. Nonetheless, in terms of customer follow-ups and task allocation, there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.

Mopinion is specialised in the field of customer feedback via web and mobile platforms, and conducts an annual benchmark study to determine the status quo of Digital Customer Experience among professionals in Western Europe.

For this study, Mopinion approached nearly a thousand professionals at European enterprises in the fields of Digital Marketing, E-commerce or Marketing Intelligence. These professionals were asked to fill in a brief questionnaire to determine the level of activity within their organisations around digital customer experience. And more specifically, how do they collect feedback on digital channels such as websites and mobile apps, how do they analyse this data and what do they do to get from insight to action? Among the participants were professionals from several different industries including: finance, telecommunications, public utility, online retail and automotive companies.

How successful are companies in monitoring the Digital Customer Experience?

Many companies are still using customer feedback from their websites and mobile apps primarily to extract quick-wins. However, much of the feedback they have collected surpasses the responsibilities of the team handling the data, which means a lot of data often goes untouched and unmanaged. Of the companies surveyed, around 25% believe themselves to be successful or very successful in monitoring Digital Customer Experience. And nearly 24% think it’s too early to determine if they are successful.

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The 3 Stages of Digital Customer Experience

As mentioned in our previous Benchmark from 2015, we categorise customer experience management using three different stages: Measure, Manage and Master. These stages are based on the internationally known “Stages of Customer Experience Maturity” created by inter alia, Temkin Group (USA) and Nunwood (UK).

In the Measure phase, we look at how many companies measure the digital customer experience. Similar to last year, we see that a lot of the surveyed companies collect feedback via digital channels such as websites and mobile apps.

In the second phase, or Manage phase, we look at customers who are analysing and reporting customer feedback to their team.

Lastly, there is the Master phase, whereby companies are still experiencing difficulty involving other departments in their feedback program.

Future Prospects

The main obstacle for companies is still overcoming organisational silos. Feedback data is mainly limited to the eyes of marketers, in which case follow-up tasks are often not allocated beyond their team. The amount of companies expecting to see an increase in investment in the measuring and managing of digital customer feedback has gone up since last year.

About the Digital Customer Experience Benchmark

The Digital Customer Experience Benchmark is an initiative of Mopinion, specialist in the field of monitoring and analysing customer feedback via web and mobile platforms.

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