360 Digital podcast - Episode #8

To Experiment or Not To Experiment? The ROI of CRO

Welcome back to 360 Digital. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released a brand new episode, touching – once again – on one of our favorite topics: CRO and experimentation! Having previously talked about how to Humanize your CRO Efforts with Soft Data and How to Take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation on earlier episodes, we’re taking things one step further…

This month on our 8th episode of 360 Digital, we explore how experimentation contributes to the success of an organisation. What are the results organisations can expect? What is the return on investment (ROI) they get for carrying out experiments on their digital channels? And how do they know if these experiments are effective in the first place?

Johann van Tonder on 360 Digital
A brand new episode with Johann van Tonder on 360 Digital

The ROI Of CRO & Experimentation

Our special guest, Johann van Tonder – COO at AWA Digital, a world leading CRO agency that delivers growth for many ecommerce organisations across the globe, such as Nike and Canon – takes us on a journey through the process of implementing an experimentation programme, highlighting how organisations measure the effectiveness of their experiments and how the success of organisations that DO leverage online experimentation line up with those that DO NOT. He also answers the burning question: what is the ROI of CRO and Experimentation?

Curious what he had to say?

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