How De Bijenkorf provides the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience

De Bijenkorf, a renowned retail brand within the Netherlands known for its premium and personal service in stores, has had an offline presence for almost 150 years. It sells products such as clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry and much more. The Bijenkorf website is an extension of their offline presence which enables their brand to reach all of Holland and Belgium. De Bijenkorf’s online vision is to offer an online shopping experience that matches its premium standard provided to customers in stores.

By providing customers with the possibility to buy Bijenkorf’s products online, we want to give them the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience with a premium standard

Wouter Brackel, UX Design Lead, Bijenkorf

“We want to give our customers all the tools they need to reach their goals on our online platforms. Be it from tracking their orders to ordering their preferred sneakers, their expectations need to be met online. Therefore we’re focusing heavily on providing self-service and online assistance when and where our customers need it. The customer should have multiple options to find answers to what they’re looking for.”

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The Challenge

Much of the development process at Bijenkorf is based on customer research; so the Bijenkorf teams must have a deep understanding of customers’ needs. One way to do this is with extensive user testing online and in-stores. However they quickly realised that on top of that, a customer feedback solution would also enable them to get qualitative insights and use a set of feedback metrics to measure customer satisfaction.

Mopinion helps De Bijenkorf provide the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience

“We’ve already used extensive data analysis, heatmapping and other tools to gain insights in the past, but we needed more perceptive data to show customers’ emotions and not just their click behaviour. Many customers make decisions based on emotional drivers and as soon as you understand these drivers, you can start optimising your online platforms and facilitating your customers in finding what they need.”

De Bijenkorf’s goal was to show the value of customer feedback in the process of product & service development and make it a part of everyone’s daily routine in improving the customer experience. As a result, they set out looking for a tool that would do just that.

The Solution

In the end, De Bijenkorf chose Mopinion because “it is an integrable software with an easy-to-use dashboard that makes it effortless for our teams to adopt the customer feedback results in their day-to-day business activities.”

“We’ve integrated the customer feedback into our data warehouse and link this to other data points regarding customer feedback and behaviour. From there we’re able to create metrics to determine the success of specific journey steps. Furthermore, we focus on using Customer Effort Score (CES) and Goal Completion Rate (GCR) to show our overall performance to management. We also take it one step further and focus on touchpoint CES and touchpoint GCR to provide deeper insights to our product development teams.”

Mopinion helps De Bijenkorf provide the ultimate omnichannel shopping experience - Feedback Form
Passive feedback form on the Bijenkorf website

All feedback collected by De Bijenkorf is done via web and mobile feedback forms as well as via email.

The Results

“We now have more awareness for customer feedback as it relates to our product development. It has provided us with insights that enable us to further develop our self-service strategy on the website. By applying touchpoint metrics, we can easily gain detailed insights into the success of the project and link those insights directly with revenue growth.”

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