How HEMA uses customer feedback to measure performance

The largest franchise operator in the Netherlands, HEMA is a well-known retail chain which aims to ‘make daily life easier and more fun’. The HEMA brand is special in that it brings together several characteristics including: optimistic, clear, accessible, typical Dutch, reliable and unique – all of which are fused into its online channels (website and mobile) as well as physical stores. In addition to selling everyday products, such as clothing, home goods, beauty products and more, HEMA also offers a number of online services to its customer base including photo-, ticket- and insurance services.

Serving over six million visitors each week, HEMA is expanding rapidly. HEMA now has stores in nine different countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria and soon in the United Arab Emirates. This tremendous growth certainly presents its challenges when it comes maintaining a smooth online customer experience – but it also represents an exciting digital undertaking for the Dutch company.

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The initial challenge

HEMA’s ambition has always been to “keep things simple” for its customers – online and offline. And in order to reflect this concept of simplicity in their online channels, HEMA knew that providing an easy and clear-cut experience was paramount.

Our customers are central to our organisation, which means in order to serve them to the best of our ability, we need to know and understand what they want and what works well for them in an online environment.

Floor Hickmann, UX Manager, HEMA

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Prior to working with Mopinion, HEMA had already been using a feedback tool on their website. However, because this solution lacked analysis and action management capabilities, the HEMA team felt compelled to look for an alternative solution…

A more advanced feedback solution

In their search, HEMA came across Mopinion’s all-in-one feedback analytics software.

Mopinion offered what we were missing in our previous feedback tool: an affordable price, a customisable dashboard that gives us a clear overview of our feedback and a task management system.

According to Hickmann, the Mopinion dashboard allows the team to run through feedback in an efficient and organised manner. The breakdown of important customer experience metrics (such as Goal Completion Rate (GCR) and Customer Effort Score (CES)) into charts is great when it comes to pinpointing important trends in feedback.

Additionally, with HEMA being such a large organisation (consisting of various departments), task management was a critical factor in the success of their feedback programme…

“In the previous situation, task management was a bit of a challenge for us. It was for example, very difficult to track the status of a particular item or trace what was sent to who. With Mopinion, however, collaboration is incorporated. We can assign tasks, keep notes and set up reminders for feedback items – all of which make closing the feedback loop easier.”

Guidance through replatforming

HEMA has also found the Mopinion software to be valuable throughout its replatforming process. Hickmann fills us in…

“We are gathering a lot of feedback from both our current website and new website (which is still in the beta phase) and comparing metrics such as GCR and CES in the dashboard. This is really interesting because now we can see the difference in numbers.”

For example, HEMA offers a fun and creative tool on their website that is used for printing photos on cakes. For testing purposes, they’ve recently started redirecting a percentage of customers using this tool to the new environment. There they ask them to provide feedback on how they experience the new tool.

Mopinion: Customer Success Story: How HEMA uses customer feedback to measure performance - HEMA cake tool
HEMA’s cake tool on Dutch beta site

Aside from testing, however, HEMA also collects feedback across several other touchpoints on the website such as the homepage, the checkout page and ‘My Environment’. They collect this feedback by way of feedback buttons which are conveniently placed on almost every page of the website (for general feedback purposes). They also use advanced feedback forms triggering based on cookies.

“Spreading the Mopinion feedback forms across different parts of the website gives us a good overview of how our customers view and experience all touchpoints along the customer journey.”

The Result

Based on testing, they’ve already learned a lot about how differently their customers experience the website.

“It is certainly a big challenge to make sure all of our customers use our site seamlessly, but we are confident that Mopinion will provide us with a lot of useful insights.”

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