How Simpel boosts customer experience using Mopinion

Simpel is the largest, independent sim only provider in the Netherlands. Simpel has been active in the Dutch telecom market since 2007. Thanks in part to its very distinct commercials, Simpel has gained a strong position in the telecom market.

The Simpel website offers information about our products/services for potential customers and existing customers. We also offer service options and a dedicated personal account area. Our goal is for people to be able to easily find the information they need, as efficiently as possible.

Youri Treur, Director E-commerce & Customer Service at Simpel

Mopinion: How Simpel boosts customer experience using Mopinion - Youri Treur
Pictured: Youri Treur

How important is digital feedback to Simpel?

Simpel is always working to improve customer experience, which is why feedback is of great importance to them.

“While we currently use a wide range of tools to map what’s happening with our customers, Mopinion’s feedback analytics software also enables us to reach customers that are actively navigating our site. This provides us with high quality, immediate responses.”

Mopinion: How Simpel boosts customer experience using Mopinion - Fingers

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Why did you choose Mopinion?

“The personal account area – for example – helps our customers manage their subscription. It’s important to us to offer our customers the right functionalities and ease of use here. Mopinion lets us interact with our customers on these pages, allowing us to directly gauge contentment as well as track their wants and needs.

Mopinion: How Simpel boosts customer experience using Mopinion - Simpel logo

Having compared Mopinion with various other feedback providers, we determined that the quality of Mopinion’s digital environment including the display of the reports and its dashboard are what set Mopinion apart. The interface is clear-cut and quite intuitive once you get the hang of it.”

What do you hope to achieve with our software?

“We hope to use Mopinion (in combination with other tools) to gain more insight into our customer satisfaction. Our customer satisfaction is currently quite high, which is something that we aim to maintain. With the insights we gain using Mopinion, we are also able to continuously optimise our services.”

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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