How Schoonenberg listens to the Voice of the Customer

Established in 1926, Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort is one of the oldest companies in the hearing aid industry. Today, it is part of Sonova, which is present in 90 different countries across the world. The top hearing specialist in the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of hearing-impaired people have put their trust in Schoonenberg to help them find a hearing solution.

At present, Schoonenberg’s website is one of the most important steps that potential customers take in finding information about hearing loss. And because there are some who are still a little ashamed of hearing loss, the website offers a great way to anonymously do some research into the world of hearing solutions. Additionally, the website remains an important source for bringing in hot leads – those interested in making a hearing test appointment. To make it as easy as possible, customers can simply leave their phone number behind so that a representative can quickly call them back to schedule an appointment.

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The Challenge

Schoonenberg’s new client process contains a number of online components. Therefore, after the pilot, they immediately opted to add feedback moments at specific touchpoints across their website, allowing them to properly evaluate the new process. This new process enables customers to carry out some of the steps online, which in turn, can save them time in the store.

We sought to utilise the customer feedback to optimise these online components of our client process

Remy da Thesta, Online Manager at Schoonenberg

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They came across very few obstacles when integrating the customer feedback tool. The only real obstacle within the process was that the physical stores didn’t entirely trust the online components. However, using customer feedback, we were able to explain that the customers were satisfied with the process. Besides that, the script was easy to install and customers have been very eager to provide feedback.

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The Solution

Schoonenberg chose to work with Mopinion because of its straightforward implementation process as well as the manner in which Mopinion offers support throughout the process.

Mopinion offered good advice in terms of choosing research methodologies that were suitable for our specific case. They also advised us to use fewer questions which is tremendously helpful as we are quickly inclined to include too many questions in feedback moments.

The Result

Now Schoonenberg actively collects feedback using questionnaires that are integrated into the website as well as in e-mails at specific points within the online process. Once collected, their digital team analyses the data and applies the knowledge extracted from these feedback insights to further develop the online system.

All in all, Mopinion’s software has provided us with great insights into what the customers think of our online customer process.

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