Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel

Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel

The Employee Spotlight series is Mopinion’s special way of giving you an inside look at the people behind our brand. Last month we highlighted a member of our sales team, Sjoerd. This month we’re switching gears as we put a member of our Customer Success team in the spotlight, Guus. Check out his story…

Meet Guus. Guus is the newest member of our Customer Success team, having joined Mopinion just last year in August. Everyday Guus sees to it that our customers get the best onboarding and support service they can possibly receive; a critical position as it aligns customer goals with our own. New to the field, Guus is an enthusiastic learner who is up for any challenge.

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel - Guus Portrait

I recently sat down with Guus to learn more about his time thus far here at Mopinion. Here’s what he had to say…

What initially drew you to Mopinion?

“It’s actually a funny story. Once upon a time, Kees – who is one of the founders of Mopinion – was my field hockey coach so I already knew him prior to working at Mopinion. Coincidentally, just last year I decided I wanted to make a career switch from current job in manufacturing towards something more technical in the software development field. Oddly enough my sister crossed paths with Kees at a wedding and quickly discovered that there was an opening at Mopinion!”

Guus goes on to tell me that he really loves the technical side of his job and when he discovered he could get straight to work in the software development, he was happy to take the position!

What does a typical work day look like for you?

“I usually come in and grab a bottle of sparkling water, open up my laptop and start running through the most urgent and easiest-to-solve support tickets. Typically once I’ve run through these, I’ll start cracking down on some of the more time-consuming and complex questions. In between I’ll hop on a few calls with customers who require a deeper explanation or need me to walk them through something. All in all, you really have to stay on your toes with customers because our ultimate goal is to keep them happy and on the path to success.”

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel - Guus in action

What is your favorite part about working at Mopinion?

Coming from a different industry and field, I’d say that the chance to develop yourself is really a plus for me. I have a team to spar with and brainstorm how to tackle certain issues and I learn a lot from that. It’s also a very light-hearted and laid back atmosphere which is nice.

What are the biggest challenges you face at work?

“As a Customer Onboarding & Implementation manager, I am there to interpret what the customer is struggling with and resolve the problem for them in a timely manner. But this isn’t always a such a fluid and polished process. There are times when you really have to dig for your answer. That’s actually the hardest part, but also the most rewarding”

What is your proudest moment at Mopinion?

“Recently I wrote a small program to resolve a language-related obstacle for one of our biggest travel customers. I felt really proud to have done that for such a big organisation”

And now for the fun stuff…

What is your guilty pleasure?

“Netflix Superhero shows like Black Lightning, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. Oh and eating M&Ms”

Who inspires you?

“Nico Tagliafico, the left defender at Ajax. We have this huge flag with his name on it.”

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel - Nico Flag in Stadium

What is your biggest fear?

“I’m actually a pretty private person so doing this interview was a bit hard for me.”

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

X gon’ give it to ya – DMX

What is your favorite movie?

“I actually don’t have one. I mostly watch shows or listen to podcasts.”

Where would you like to travel to?

“Well my next destination is Japan. I’m going there for the Rugby World Cup with a group of friends. We like to do “Groundhops” as they are called, which is visiting small cult football clubs in interesting places. For example, I went to Almere City recently. Almere is known for being the most underwhelming city in the Netherlands but the club was awesome.

But of course we will look for other interesting games to watch live while we’re there… Like a gaming event, a baseball game and a football game, with maybe some real-life “mario-karting”, karaoke and maybe even a j-pop concert in between.”

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight: Guus Linzel - Rugby

What are your hobbies outside of work?

“I’ve been playing field hockey since I was eight years old. I’ve also recently taken up ice skating. There’s an ice rink at our hockey club, which is free to use so I’ve got my own ice skates and go skating from time to time. I’ve actually even learned a few tricks, like skating backwards. It’s really cool because there are a lot of people that are there on their own and they’ll just skate by and give you some tips on how to improve.”

Guus is also an Ajacied (fan of Ajax) so he also spends a lot of his free time in the Johan Cruijff arena too.

Stay tuned for more!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s Employee in the Spotlight! Stay tuned for our April spotlight…

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