Introducing the Mopinion Survey Marketplace

Mopinion is proud to announce the launch of its very own survey marketplace! It’s the perfect way to learn more about the ingredients needed to create and employ powerful online surveys. Choose from one of our eight survey template categories and access nearly thirty live template examples, a list of benefits for each survey, and advice on which questions to use.

Learn more about the Survey Marketplace below.

Why use our survey marketplace?

The Mopinion Survey Marketplace is an ideal place to get inspiration for feedback surveys that you can use on your website or mobile apps. Using these templates as a base for building your surveys is a great way for ‘newbies’ to get themselves set up and really understand the value of employing a high-quality feedback survey that’s certain to provide great insights. Plus all of our templates are readily available to our existing customers as well.

You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to come up with an effective strategy for using online surveys. That is why we’ve created the Mopinion Survey Marketplace. This marketplace serves as a great resource for those who need a bit of direction in creating their own feedback surveys. A unique and diverse library of inspirational survey templates, the marketplace offers everything businesses need to run an effective feedback data collection programme on their digital channels.

Kees Wolters, Co-Founder/ Chief of Marketing, Mopinion

The Survey Marketplace is for everyone…

What’s also convenient about our Survey Marketplace is that anyone can take one of our templates and customise it to their needs.

Found a survey that you’d like to try out on your own website? Just click on the ‘Customise this survey’ button and try the template for free (as part of a free trial).

Already a Mopinion customer? All templates you see in the marketplace are available to you via the survey builder within the Mopinion platform.

Which categories do we cover?

The Survey Marketplace includes eight popular categories of surveys:

1. Customer Experience: Start boosting your CX with our Customer Feedback Form Template and Relationship Net Promoter Score (NPS) Template.

2. Email Campaigns: Get input from your email campaign recipients using our Email Newsletter Feedback Template or Email Confirmation & NPS Template.

3. Employee Engagement: Learn more about your employees and even future employees and take advantage of our Employee Satisfaction Template, Candidate Experience Template and Job Application Template.

4. Generic Forms: Try any of our customisable, fit-for-purpose generic forms, including a Registration Form Template, Lead Generation Template, Contact Form Template and Event Registration Template.

5. Loyalty: Create and maintain a loyal customer base by employing any one of these surveys: CSAT, NPS, CES or a simple but classic smiley survey.

6. Mobile Apps: And don’t forget your mobile apps. We’ve got several templates you can start with including CSAT, NPS, GCR, CES, and Star rating surveys.

7. Website Content: Be sure your website content is up to par as well and use any of these survey templates: Yes/No Content Performance Survey, Content Satisfaction Survey or a Thumbs Up/Down Survey Template.

8. Website UX: And lastly we have several templates that will help you collect feedback on website user experience, including GCR, CES, Smiley Surveys, Visual Feedback Surveys and a Suggestion Box Template.


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