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Mopinion Raspberry

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Mopinion Raspberry is our new, next generation user interface which ties together all of the same, favourite functionalities of Mopinion Classic (its precursor), while simultaneously enabling users to conveniently collect and manage their feedback in a more effortless manner.

“Mopinion Raspberry is not only designed with customers in mind, but in some ways our customers designed it themselves. With this new user interface, we’ve reimagined and improved all important workflows with the goal of making feedback easier to both process and analyse.”

– Anwar Jebali, Head of Development

What’s new?

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Unlimited Feedback Forms You can set up your feedback forms with an easy to use form builder within the Mopinion platform. You can use multiple forms per dashboard and use our advanced triggering rules to decide where and how you want the forms to appear.
Unlimited Feedback Responses Responses are the amount of direct feedback and insights you can collect with your feedback forms.
In-Page Feedback In-page feedback is standard for all packages. It’s applicable to all web-based feedback forms and does not require separate deployment tags, making it very easy to install.
Full API Access Want to import or export feedback data? No worries, we’ve got you covered with full API access.
More Seamless Data Exploration The new Data Explorer makes it possible to visualise data through charts and browse through the feedback (by applying filters and calculations) without having to edit the existing charts.
Improved Feedback Browsing Quickly and easily browse through large amounts of feedback in your inbox and view all important details without having to leave the view or reload the page.
Wider variety of Webhooks & Integrations Take advantage of a wider variety of native integrations including Slack, Jira, Basecamp, Google Chat, MS Teams, Salesforce forms, HTML forms and more.
Fully Customisable Dashboard Grid Create dashboards that are fully customisable both in terms of data visualisation but also order and appearance of charts, thanks to the ‘free grid’.
Feedback Translations (Enterprise only) This feature enables users to automatically translate all incoming feedback to the language of their choice. This way your inbox and dashboard will display all data in one language. This data is also integrated with text and sentiment analytics dashboards.
Conversational Feedback Deploy feedback forms using a chat-like dialogue, giving the user the opportunity to interact with feedback questions in a more conversational manner.
Roles & Rights Management Easily assign users to certain projects and decide what they can do in terms of editing and creating reports, dashboards, forms and new users.
Notification Stream Stay informed about activity within the system with in-app notifications, i.e. anomalies in feedback data such as a sudden drop in scoring on a certain web page).
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Directly available for all Raspberry users:

Flexible and intuitive

Feedback everywhere

Your feedback is accessible and actionable in all of the right places. Meaningful insights are just a click away.

Real-time insights

Keeping context

Creating feedback forms has never been easier. Easily keep track of what you’re doing with our live and interactive form builder.

Enhanced collaboration

Seamless data exploration

Analysing your feedback data should be fun and flexible. Visualise, compare and drill down on data in a way that suits you.

Flexible and intuitive

Simple and intuitive

Easily navigate and filter through substantial amounts of feedback data and quickly zoom in on the details.

Real-time insights

Going global

Keep a pulse on your international operations. Gather and analyse feedback translated from various languages.

Enhanced collaboration

Harmonize your tools

Advanced integration options enable you to easily connect Mopinion feedback to your favourite apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing is ever perfect. That is why our team plans to launch new features and make continuous tweaks and improvements to the new user interface - thanks in part to the valuable feedback we receive from you, our customers. Want to keep up with the latest updates and improvements?

All product updates are announced via email and published on our blog.

Our earliest users started working with Mopinion Raspberry in the beginning of 2020. This so-called beta release gave us lots of feedback and insights to make improvements. In February 2021 the new user interface moved out of beta and has therefore, undergone many improvements since then.

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Switching is easy. Just click on your username in the upper right corner of the menu bar. The menu will open including a ‘Switch to Raspberry’ tab. Click on this button and you will enter the new Raspberry user interface immediately.

Still unsure? Visit our Knowledge Base for instructions

You can manually switch over to Mopinion Raspberry until June 30th. After that, your account will be automatically switched over for you. Note: this means that Mopinion Classic will be phased out and is no longer accessible to users. So be sure to switch as soon as possible so as to give yourself the time to get to know the new user interface and of course, provide us with the feedback we need to make it the best all-in-one feedback software possible.

The user interface is ‘backwards compatible’ meaning that you can switch between Raspberry and Classic until June 30th and your data will be accessible in both user interfaces. After that date Mopinion Classic will no longer be accessible.

Mopinion Classic will be phased out and therefore no longer be accessible to users. This means that you can no longer log in to this user interface. So be sure to switch as soon as possible so as to give yourself the time to get to know the new user interface.

No. The user interface is what is called ‘backwards compatible’, meaning our system offers interoperability with the Classic user interface. All of your settings (i.e. feedback forms, tags, dashboard configurations) will remain the same in Mopinion Raspberry. As for your feedback data itself, this is managed using a standalone web service, meaning the new user interface will not have any effect on existing feedback data or the feedback collection process.

Yes. All documentation on Mopinion Raspberry can be found in our Knowledge Base. Still have remaining questions after consulting the Knowledge Base? Then feel free to reach out to us directly.

Visit our Knowledge Base

Disclaimer: All Mopinion customers that signed up after December 2020 are automatically setup in the new Mopinion Raspberry environment.

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