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4 Tips for Achieving Mobile Marketing Success

The mobile channel is no longer a ‘nice to have’. In fact, it is quickly making its way towards becoming the core of just about everything. Not only has mobile changed consumer behaviour, but also impacted areas such as ecommerce, brand awareness and customer service. As a result, we’re seeing a mobile marketing revolution; a movement which has generated a new type of marketer: the mobile marketer.

But with this rise in popularity of mobile marketing, competition has become fierce among mobile marketers. So what does it take to be a successful mobile marketer?

In this post, we share with you the 4 tips for achieving mobile marketing success.

What is a mobile marketer?

Mobile marketing is essentially the art of marketing your business in a way that appeals to mobile users. According to WordStream,

When done right, mobile marketing provides customers or potential customers using smartphones with personalized, time- and location-sensitive information so that they can get what they need exactly when they need it, even if they’re on the go.

Mobile marketers are the ones responsible for harvesting mobile user data and finding ways to both enhance and personalise the mobile journey. Their top priority is staying ahead of the ever changing mobile trends, as this is key to successfully onboarding, converting and retaining app users.

As the mobile space continues to grow and rise in popularity, mobile marketers have become well aware of the importance of offering a good mobile experience. This includes providing top-notch customer service and customer experiences all across the mobile journey.

That being said, many mobile marketers are now adopting user feedback methods such as deploying mobile feedback surveys and mobile messaging. These types of marketers also do a great deal of analyses to make sure the improvements they make are meaningful and effective in improving the journey. But what is it that makes one mobile marketer more successful than the other?

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We’ve got the answers. Here are the 4 tips for achieving mobile marketing success:

1. Stay relevant

A common thread across all best practices for mobile marketers is providing a relevant experience. When marketers know how to leverage context for relevance, they’re certain to achieve success.

Mobile marketers must not only be able to understand what their customers want and need, but they must also be able to reach out to their customers right when they need. This often comes in the form of advertising and content.

4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers - Relevant

According to an article on Postfunnel, just 5 years ago, mobile advertising spending in the US was estimated at around $12.5 billion. This number has since jumped to nearly $93 billion. That’s a massive climb. So what is this growth attributed to? The ‘near-universal demand for smartphones and online content’. In other words, mobile advertising isn’t going anywhere and therefore needs to be refined by the mobile marketer.

Mobile is the most self-aware technology and channel in history


What’s interesting about mobile experiences, however, is that there are multiple factors at play that simply don’t apply when using a desktop. For example, an experience may start off with the user having a task they need to complete (i.e. finding a local cafe), then finding a certain piece of content about that task (i.e. reviews for the cafe) and lastly, the location (i.e. 14th street). This data gives mobile marketers so many possibilities to deliver contextual relevance to their mobile users.

2. Listen to mobile users

Mobile engagement is only possible if you know your customers and know them well. By developing a deeper understanding of your mobile users, you will be much better equipped to cater more effectively to their needs. But how do mobile marketers do this exactly?

Brought on by the steady rise in mobile users and usage worldwide, mobile user experience has recently become a major focal point for many digital marketers. It essentially encompasses how customers experience a mobile app while they’re active in the app itself. With the goal of offering a smooth and user-friendly UX, mobile UX is something which must be continuously optimised – especially if businesses wish to maintain a loyal and satisfied customer base. This is where the collection of in-app feedback comes in handy.

Listening to your users by collecting in-app feedback will not only help mobile marketers learn more about the wants and needs of their users, but also give them the insights they need to both measure and improve mobile performance.

Feedback Form On Mobile1

The customer is the only one who knows what he/she wants to see so take advantage of their feedback. By using their feedback, things such as bug reports are solved much more quickly in the app. In this article, you will find more information about how to gather the best in-app customer feedback.

A user-friendly mobile app is just as important as a user-friendly website. So don’t wait too long to ask for user input, because that’s what it’s all about: a happy and loyal customer.

3. Leverage personalisation

Being able to provide a personalised experience still proves to be a real challenge for many mobile marketers. In fact, almost 60% of marketers claim that they struggle to personalise content and experiences (in real-time); an occurrence which is often attributed to the company’s inability – as previously mentioned – to gain and apply customer insights quickly enough…

Mobile personalisation is the difference between losing and retaining your users! In fact, it is essentially how mobile marketers address and understand their audience at each and every part of the mobile journey.

4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers - Personalisation
Source: Sailthru

A good mobile marketer knows that the first step in achieving a personalised mobile journey is by creating user profiles – which include information such as in-app behaviour, demographic information (age, gender, etc) and location – to segment customers. This type of data – especially if combined with user feedback – not only gives you a deeper look into the pool of customers you’re collecting data from but also helps you understand how truly different these segments are and how their behavior varies in-app.

Want to learn more about how you can use customer profiles alongside feedback data? Check out this article.

4. Iterate consistently

In reality, this one applies to just about every type of digital marketer. However, it is still a habit that many mobile marketers surprisingly have yet to adopt. The mobile market is constantly changing, and apps are becoming more advanced everyday, making it all the more necessary for mobile marketers to keep their mobile experiences in line with customer expectations.

4 Habits of Successful Mobile Marketers - Iteration

So once you’ve made changes or optimised a certain section of your mobile app, don’t leave it to age…Leverage optimisation tools such as user feedback to stay on the ball. In other words, iterate, iterate, and then iterate again. It’s a constant process and the job is never done.

Time to incorporate these tips into your strategy

Mobile marketing is here to stay, and studies show it will gain a bigger position as time goes on. So now is a better time than any to start adopting strategies that really work. Ready to become a successful mobile marketer?

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