URSSAF fortifies online VoC program with Mopinion

The French URSSAF and its network have a mission of general interest: managing the collection of contributions and fees intended to guarantee financing of the French social security model. The organisation serves the four branches of the general social security system: health, old age, family, and work-related accidents/occupational diseases. So what exactly do they do on the digital front, you ask?

URSSAF’s users benefit from a digital platform of services, hence the need for Nicolas Simon’s (Deputy Director of the Innovation and Digital Department) team to collect and analyse feedback in real time.

“We keep a close eye on the online experience of our users in order to better understand them, and to continuously innovate so that we can make their experience as intuitive as possible”

This is why Nicolas Simon decided to embark on the creation of an online voice of customer (VOC) program with Mopinion in 2020.

In a recent interview, URSSAF’s Innovation and Digital Department told us more about why they chose Mopinion and some of the results they’ve already obtained thanks to online feedback collection.

Let’s dive in and see what they had to say…

A way of adapting to visitors’ expectations

URSSAF is particularly keen on making it easier for their customers to complete the online procedures on all URSSAF websites. Whether that’s the online navigation or the ease of carrying out online procedures, they want to offer a level of support that is adapted to visitors’ expectations.

By collecting feedback from online users and using this feedback as a lever for improvement, we are confident we can meet their expectations.

URSSAF Feedback Form

Ultimately this led URSSAF to Mopinion’s doorstep. According to the organisation, Mopinion’s solution meets the needs and expectations of the Innovation and Digital Department, and more specifically of the User Experience department.

“It was important for us, for example, to be able to customise content, to be autonomous in creating campaigns and monitoring them. The Mopinion platform is very intuitive and gives us complete autonomy over these different actions.”

Extracting meaningful insights

URSSAF currently collects user feedback on their new online features.

This allows us to respond more quickly to the improvement needs expressed by our users. It also allows us to prioritise and direct the next developments to be carried out.

URSSAF also uses Mopinion for journey reviews as well as to better identify their users’ profiles and understand their needs.

An efficient yet fun way to reach users

“We believe that involving users in improving the user experience is key and requesting feedback from site visitors is a great way of letting them know how much their opinion matters.”

The user is our source, and online feedback is a quick, efficient and fun way to reach them.

“It’s always interesting to see that users take the time to give us feedback, whether it’s positive or not. It is this feedback that will guide us in our work to continuously improve the user experience.”

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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