Behind the Feedback: Email Widget Editor

Behind the Feedback: Email Widget Editor

Mopinion has just released another exciting, new feature within the Mopinion platform – the email widget editor – which allows users to intuitively design, customise and preview their email feedback surveys in the survey editor. In this Behind the Feedback story, Mopinion takes you on a ride through the process, defining how this new feature came to be; a feature which will give more flexibility and freedom to our current and future email feedback users!

This story – not surprisingly – starts off with user feedback. With the number of Mopinion for Email users growing steadily, we have been receiving feedback more frequently regarding this product.

Mopinion for Email is our email feedback solution which helps email marketers gain insight into what their email audience values. It helps them understand how their readers perceive emails as well as guides them in eliminating assumptions when it comes to their email content.

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A solution imagined by the user for the user

Amidst all of this valuable feedback, we gained some interesting insights into what our users wanted to see improved upon. One of the suggestions which really stood out was the extent of customisation offered, and along with it – the ease of customising email surveys within the user interface.

You see, previously if our email feedback users wanted to place an HTML snippet (a reusable piece of code) into their emails which would display the survey question they created, this process was very simple. However, if you were looking to customise these snippets in any way, a bit of CSS knowledge was required.

And as an organisation that uses vocabulary such as fresh, intuitive, easy-to-use and seamless, we knew there must be a way to simplify this process for our users…

And that’s when we embarked on the journey of creating the email widget editor.

The road to development

With lots of options already available within the survey design editor interface such as themes, custom styles, and formatting of the surveys themselves, the answer was right in front of us.

The team built off of this existing functionality and created more editing options within the interface, specifically for email feedback surveys.

As a result, the development team incorporated the necessary customisation options in a separate section labeled ‘Widget’ (within the Design Editor) which includes widget alignment adjustments, tooltip and legend customisations and within the survey question itself: the font size, color, alignment and styling.

Email widget editor

We also added more elements (i.e. scoring options) to the existing library of survey elements. Whereas before only ratings (i.e. stars and smileys), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the thumb ratings were the elements available for email feedback surveys, we now offer Customer Effort Score (CES), Goal Completion Rate (GCR) and feedback categories.

The result? These tools will provide our customers with the means to create a fully branded email survey experience with no technical knowledge required. Not to mention, they will have met our objective of providing a simple, yet intuitive solution.

But the process didn’t stop there. Shortly following these additions, another idea sprouted up. With what we already knew about the varying mail clients and their tendencies to interfere with the design of outgoing emails in HTML, we decided that there also had to be a built-in solution for previewing surveys before deploying them. And thus a previewing option was created which we’ve labeled ‘Test Widget’ within the interface. This option is great because it quickly and easily enables the user to send a sample email survey to any email address and investigate if the formatting is correct.

By clicking on Test Widget, you are redirected to this modal:
Send preview email in modal

The preview in your email will look as follows:

Preview email

Beautifully branded email surveys

The new email widget editor is here to optimise email feedback campaigns in more ways than one. Users can quickly and effortlessly create and deploy beautifully branded email surveys that mesh perfectly with their brand style. The result? A more unified email feedback experience that lures in more user feedback from your email audience and therefore enables better email campaigns!

We’re looking forward to seeing the impact the email widget editor will have on our users, especially as the need for email feedback continues to grow.

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