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Meet Mopinion’s new recruits who joined our team

As 2019 comes to a close, Mopinion reflects on a very successful year with great achievements. In January our new user interface, Mopinion Raspberry, will go live which is something we’ve been working very hard towards achieving. As we gear up for the year to come, we’ve also put a focus on the Mopinion team, which has been growing throughout the year to meet the demands of our climbing customer base.

Mopinion chooses innovation

Mopinion has experienced a great deal of growth this year. We were lucky enough to attract new professionals who add a variety of both experience and skills to our team, as well as diversity that certainly works in our favour.
At the beginning of 2020, we will launch Mopinion Raspberry, the new user interface. This redesign and development of an entirely new frontend code base, built on the React Javascript library, means a step forward in optimising the user experience. Collecting, analysing and acting on the feedback has never been easier!

Kees Wolters, Co-Founder/ Chief Marketing at Mopinion comments:

Our customer base is constantly growing and we are proud to see that our team has been able to keep up. It’s great to see what we’ve accomplished together this past year and what’s on our agenda for 2020. The release of our new user interface, Mopinion Raspberry, is a good example of excellent teamwork, as our entire staff was involved in this project in one way or the other. And with the new members of the Mopinion crew, we are able to focus on the new plans we have and keep on moving forward.

New skills added to the Mopinion teams

We’ve recruited a diverse skillset to meet the demands of the business with new recruits in our Customer Success and Marketing teams. Our new recruits add their specialties to the teams and we are very happy to introduce our new colleagues to you.

Meet Mopinion’s new recruits who joined our team

Pictured from left to right: Saskia Clappers, Yannick Post, Mi-choe Emanuelson and our office dog Bobby.

Kees Wolters continues, ‘We know how important marketing is these days and that’s why we are very excited to welcome not only one but two new colleagues to our Marketing Team.’

Yannick Post is our Web Designer. Yannick was actually one of our interns a few years ago, so we are very happy to have him back. He is known for his creative online designs and is focused on providing a smooth user experience. Being part of the Marketing Team, Yannick plays an important role in visualisation our online and offline marketing efforts. Yannick is currently working on our new Mopinion website, ensuring that the website not only looks great, but is also user friendly and optimised for conversions. He also designs our email newsletter templates and banners.

Mi-choe Emanuelson joined the marketing team as a Content Marketer, focused on the Dutch market. Check out our Dutch blog and discover what our customers have to say about Mopinion software. But Mi-choe’s not only writing and distributing Dutch content. Together with the Marketing Team, she makes sure Mopinion’s marketing strategy stays top-notch. With rapid online developments we have to stay on top of trends and focus on achieving our online marketing goals so that we remain one step ahead of the competition.

Saskia Clappers, our newest addition to the Mopinion team, has taken on the role of Customer Success Manager and focuses on enhancing customer relationships. Saskia is dedicated to providing a smooth onboarding experience and keeping our customers up to date about the many ways Mopinion software can contribute to reaching your online goals. As a trusted advisor, she’s a high level sparring partner and she’s able to recognise the needs of our customers and proactively make recommendations. Her job is to stand out in maintaining the best customer relations and to help us grow so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

Our customers’ success is the result of the dedication of our team. We want all of our customers to get the most out of the tool. Saskia will play a big part in the onboarding process and helping our customers with strategic choices, so they can enjoy all the benefits the Mopinion platform has to offer.

Luke Price International Sales Manager at Mopinion

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