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Mopinion Launches New Website

2015 was a tremendous year for Mopinion, we signed many new and exciting clients; such as TomTom, Generali and Microsoft, we doubled our sales team and added many new features to our platform. With all these exciting developments we also decided to launch a new Mopinion website.

Our number one goal when designing the new Mopinion website was to ensure it accurately represented our customer feedback intelligence software. Mopinion customer feedback software is designed to give digital-first companies insights to provide effortless digital experiences for their customers. We facilitate this by ensuring Mopinion is simple to use, contains intelligent data visualisations and is rich with relevant customer information. When you combine these three attributes you empower digital marketers to continuously improve their digital channels, this lead us to create a website that reflects these essential aspects of our product.

The new site is laid out to provide you with accessible and useful content – whether you are a current customer or a first-time visitor. We have made sure to include helpful and relevant information so you can be as knowledgeable about our customer feedback solutions as possible. Finally, we have made sure that the design of our site echos the progressive nature of our feedback intelligence software solution. We are turning the stagnant research and data-collection software industry on its head – and our website is evidence of that.

A couple of new website elements high-lighted:

  • Improved customers section: Interested in Mopinion but don’t want to take our word for it? Listen to what our customers have to say. Over the coming months many customer cases and more success stories will be added. Keep track.
  • New features page: Our platform grew rapidly over the last couple of years. We added content for over dozens of new features.
  • New Technology page: As Mopinion primarily works for international A-brands, we added more info concerning our scalability and security. This is where you will find more technical information about what’s under the hood.

A team effort

The entire Mopinion team was involved in the creation of this website, from the executive leadership team to our newest additions. We would like to give a special thank-you to all our employees involved in making it happen. We wanted to create a website that was functional and reflected our product and vision.

At Mopinion, we believe that websites are living and breathing organisms. We will be keeping track of performance metrics and qualitative feedback from our customers so we can continuously make data-driven improvements. We would love to hear your thoughts and receive feedback, so please drop us a line.

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