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Mopinion rolls up its sleeves for Stichting Jarige Job

At Mopinion we are big fans of teamwork and we are certainly not averse to hard work. We do this for our customers, but we also think it is important to dedicate ourselves to our society.

That is why this past week a group of Mopinion employees headed over to Stichting de Jarige Job (Jarige Job Foundation) in Rotterdam to give back to the children’s community.

What is a Social Jam?

In addition to our annual ‘SummerJam and WinterJam’ team outings, we also find it important to dedicate our time to those less fortunate. To tackle this issue, we’ve started organising what we call a ‘Social Jam’ a few times a year. The Social Jam is Mopinion’s special event program which focuses on putting in time as a team towards a good cause.

Past Social Jams

This is a new initiative of ours so we are still working on planning new activities with the team! Back in May, the team was all geared up to go to the Stichting Jarige Job, but unfortunately that was not yet possible (due to Covid-19 regulations in the Netherlands). So we had to get creative…

During the lockdown, we found a fun way to give back. We encouraged our team members to support local (catering) entrepreneurs as they struggled to keep afloat by purchasing meals. Learn more about this Social Jam here.

Now with the regulations loosening up, we decided it was finally time to get out there and help out. In a small (corona-proof) group, we set off for the Stichting Jarige Job to help pack in ‘birthday boxes’ for underprivileged children.

Mopinion team at Stichting Jarige Job

What is Stichting Jarige Job?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of underprivileged children in the Netherlands whose families are financially unable to celebrate their birthdays. The Jarige Job Foundation helps out by putting together a ‘birthday box’ for these children. The birthday box contains everything a child needs to celebrate his/her birthday. It includes things like cake mix, decorations, birthday gifts (of course) and even a small treat to bring to school and share with the other children. Depending on the gender and age, the birthday box is filled with these items, giving the child the birthday they deserve.

Not only was this a great initiative but also a fun way for the team to bond and spend time together. The counter registered that Mopinion had put together 196 boxes during their two hour shift! That’s 196 children in the Netherlands that will get a birthday box. Great job, guys and girls!

And special thanks to Stichting Jarige Job for the great organisation and letting us contribute to this cause!

Here are a few pictures of the Social Jam at The Jarige Job Foundation…

Mopinion steekt de handen uit de mouwen voor Stichting Jarige Job - verjaardagsbox

Mopinion team packing boxes

Stichting Jarige Job - packing boxes

Mopinion’s Social Responsibility Program

As part of our new Social Responsibility Program, Mopinion aims to harness its people for social good. In addition to helping charities move forward by way of donations, the team also likes to roll up their sleeves and give back to the community in other ways. The Social Jam initiative enables us to contribute to various causes and create a collective impact.

Stay tuned for the next Social Jam, which will take place somewhere this winter. Do you know of a cause or foundation that might need our help? Let us know!

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