Resources for your webshop this holiday

5 great resources to get your webshop ready for the holiday season

As the holiday season nears, ensuring your webshop is ready for the busy season is top of mind. And with traffic and sales sure to skyrocket in the next few months (starting with Black Friday), you’ll want to be sure your webshop is in tip top shape. But what are the first steps in doing that? What do you need to reflect upon and which tools will help you get there?

Mopinion has compiled a list of our best and most informative resources from holiday seasons past and present to help guide you through your holiday preparations!

5 resources to get your webshop ready for the holiday season

1. Last Minute Black Friday Checklist for Ecommerce

Black friday checklist for ecommerce

“If shopping were a sport, then Black Friday is the Olympics”. That’s right, Black Friday is a big deal for ecommerce companies. It’s an opportunity to bring in a lot of sales as well as make a good impression on a lot of customers old and new. That being said, it has to be approached with a solid plan and execution.

The post kicks off by catching up with an online marketer from electronics retailer Fresh n’ Rebel and how she and her team prepare for the busy season ahead. It includes learnings from the years prior as well as new tactics to bring in better marketing numbers. Some great practical insights for fellow marketers…

Then it dives into the – as promised – last minute Black Friday ecommerce checklist. From forecasting and goal setting to customer service tips and tools to keep a pulse on your customers, this post has it all.

So before you start thinking about the December holidays, make sure you have your webshop ready to go for this big ecommerce event first.

Read the Black Friday checklist here.

2. 5 Ways to increase your holiday sales on your website

Boost holiday sales for your webshop

Delivery companies, get your engines ready! Online retailers have one goal and one goal only: increasing holiday sales. But how can they best go about doing this?

Spoiler alert! One of the best strategies is (drumroll please…) customer feedback! While gathering and analysing customer feedback is recommended year-round, the holidays are definitely a perfect time to start. There’s so much activity taking place on your website (from research and orientation to purchasing), which also means a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong.

There are – of course – several other tactics for boosting your sales including a good approach to personalisation, well-thought out content planning, auditing previous holiday campaigns and much more!

Get the tips right here and get those sales up!

3. ‘Tis the Season for Customer Feedback…and here’s why

Tis the season for customer feedback

Online traffic levels are at an all-time high around the holidays. However, depending on the performance of your website and/or mobile app, this boost in traffic can bring about both positive and negative results. On one hand it offers up the chance to shine and be there for all of your customers’ holiday shopping needs. However, should something go wrong, then that’s also a large audience of holiday shoppers who may get irritated and decide to do their shopping somewhere else.

Hence the need for customer feedback. This post runs you through all of the reasons you should be collecting customer feedback to keep your ecommerce site up to par with the expectations of your customers.

Ready to discover the power of feedback this holiday season?

Find out what you’re missing with customer feedback.

4. Tips for a Jolly Digital Customer Experience

Tips for jolly digital customer experience

Is your digital customer experience ready for the influx of customers you’re about to experience this holiday season? What about your mobile channels specifically? And just how personal is the experience for your customers?

To help you meet shopper expectations this holiday season (and the next!), we’ve gathered a few tips that will ensure the delivery of a winning digital customer experience as well as keep your customers coming back to you year after year. Curious what they are?

Read our 4 tips for a great digital customer experience this holiday season.

5. User Experience tips that will keep your customers happy this holiday season

UX tips for the holiday season

Despite the current, weakened level of household finances, online shoppers are still planning to go hard this year! So how can you and your digital team maintain a smooth operation and happy customers while dealing with this heavy flow of consumers?

The answer is simple – determine what is irritating your customers the most and resolve it. This ‘festive’ post takes a closer look at which aspects of your user experience should get more attention this holiday season and how you can identify those problem areas with customer feedback.

Get these useful UX tips here and keep your shoppers happy this holiday season!

A gift from us to you…

We hope this list of resources will help you in your journey towards a holiday-ready webshop. With tips and tricks for improving your user experience as well as giving your sales a much-needed boost, there is one thing all of these resources have in common. They shed light on the potential customer feedback can have on the success of your webshop. By better understanding your customers and their expectations, you’ll be well on your way towards providing a powerful and memorable online experience.

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