The Search is Over: Spokeo selects Mopinion as its VoC Solution

Spokeo is an online people intelligence service that helps you search, connect, and know who you are dealing with. Spokeo is used to find old friends, identify unknown callers, or research prospective dates. Professionals also use it to find new customers or to prevent fraud. The services organises over 12 billion records from thousands of US-based, publicly available data sources into easy-to-understand reports that include available contact info, location history, photos, social media accounts, family members, court records, work information, and much more. This organisation firmly believes that, ‘knowledge is a quick search away’.

Every month, more than 18 million people visit Spokeo to perform people-related searches.

Customer Experience Manager Brady Gillerlain fills us in on Spokeo’s digital strategy,

Our goal is to make trust a little easier and make the world around you more transparent. We want to help connect people with long lost friends or family members, and protect people from being scammed or catfished by making it simple and accessible to search for people online. Anyone can search on Spokeo by name, email, phone number or physical address to find out more about the people in their life.

The hunt for a new feedback solution…

Spokeo has been using both online and offline surveys to collect users’ feedback, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) ratings and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Mopinion: The Search is Over: Spokeo selects Mopinion as its VoC Solution - Spokeo website

Gillerlain: ‘We recently identified some limitations in our existing set-up due to a growing need to gain a deeper understanding of our customers and better define customer success. So we set out to explore and research newer tools available in the market that would enable us to create a more intuitive and comprehensive feedback collection engine.

We were looking for a tool that had the features and the capability to expand with our needs. We needed something that addressed a few key “must-haves” that would take our Voice of the Customer program to the next level: seamless feedback submission, flexible insight collection and analysis, and a powerful, automated reporting suite.

We chose Mopinion specifically because it offered exactly this sort of comprehensive solution…’

Free White Paper: A Digital Feedback-Fueled Approach to Personalisation

A guide to Personalising the Digital Customer Experience (CX) with Online Feedback.

‘One of the most customisable digital VoC tools’

‘By providing one of the most customisable digital “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) tools, Mopinion allows us to engage with our users in an entirely different way. The forms themselves are elegant, easy to deploy and modify, and work right out of the box, saving time and money on in-house development.

The seamless feedback submission process reduces user friction and has greatly increased both the amount of user feedback and the variety of questions we can ask our users. Mopinion’s administrative web portal is neatly organised, enabling us to quickly and flexibly tie together disparate data points, providing insights and identifying overall trends. Their support team is also among the most helpful and responsive that we regularly interact with, and our questions are quickly and effectively resolved.’

Mopinion: The Search is Over: Spokeo selects Mopinion as its VoC Solution - Customer-Satisfaction

Spokeo is still in very early stages but sees much more potential. The Spokeo team is currently using Mopinion to carry out four tasks:

  • Use proactive feedback forms to collect targeted and segmented CSAT, NPS, and other rating data from their users
  • Offer passive bug reporting forms to supplement and verify internal bug reporting
  • Analyse “open text field” responses to supplement and verify Customer-Care-based Voice of the Customer submissions
  • Show proactive modals on certain pages when Spokeo needs to make general announcements to users

Moving forward with Mopinion…

‘We hope that Mopinion will revolutionise our ability to connect with our users. By collecting feedback with less friction, we hope to gather more product-enhancing insights and improve our ability to help customers achieve what they need from our product.

We hope to become more responsive to user behaviors and needs, making more informed internal decisions based on things people actually want. Most of all, we hope to gain an ever-better understanding of our core users on a qualitative level, further enhancing quantitative business metrics.’

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

Want to learn more about Mopinion’s all-in-1 user feedback platform? Don’t be shy and take our software for a spin! Do you prefer it a bit more personal? Just book a demo. One of our feedback pro’s will guide you through the software and answer any questions you may have.