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Mopinon has just released another new episode on its growingly popular podcast series, 360 Digital. So what’s the hot topic this month? For our 7th episode, we’re switching things up (again) to focus on another field of digital: the employee experience (EX). This emerging business function has become increasingly popular in recent years, as businesses are starting to see the value in analysing how employees think and feel during their journey through the company, starting with job candidacy all the way to the exit from the company.

And that presents a burning question, how can marketeers leverage EX to create lasting benefits to the organisation? And, what can they learn from this?

To get the answers to this question, we sat down with Victor Romijn, Customer Success Manager at Appical, a platform designed to guide employees throughout their employee journey from pre & onboarding to reboarding and offboarding. With many years of experience within marketing and customer success, Victor handles around sixty clients, ensuring they are satisfied with their service. In this episode, Victor delves into the customer experience, the challenges he faces day to day, as well as the benefits and potential return of investment of a strong off-boarding plan.

podcast 360 digital victor romijn
A brand new episode with Victor Romijn on 360 Digital

What is the employee experience? How can employers & companies leverage it to create lasting benefits to the organisation? And, even more burning of a question: what can marketeers learn from this?

Listen to this episode here:

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