Lowell Nordics supercharges client engagement with Mopinion

Founded in 2004, Lowell operates in 3 different regions of Europe: The UK, Nordics, and DACH. Their goal? To work tirelessly to benefit society, business, and the economy. Changing the way credit management works, Lowell’s mission drives everything they do, which is something you don’t hear every day in the credit management sector. The real question is, how they fuel this mission?

In this customer story, Bahadir Gurkan, Service Designer at Lowell Nordic, shares a little about how they’re using Mopinion at Lowell Nordic to help drive customer and client engagement, gain greater operational efficiencies, and ultimately achieve competitive advantage.

At Lowell, customer and client voices matter

At Lowell, we keep our customers and clients closest to our hearts. We aim to make credit work better for all, and we know we can only do that by acting upon our customers’ feedback. – Bahadir Gurkan

Lowell is all about changing the way credit management works, striving to make improvements to benefit everyone. And what better way to help with their mission than collecting feedback?

Weighing the options

We want our customers and clients to have a friction-free online service, and we want them to know that their voices matter.

Like many modern businesses, the websites managed by Lowell are the pillars of the company’s online services. Here, they provide credit management services to clients and customers. So, it makes perfect sense that, naturally, when searching for a feedback collection tool, they were quite particular about what they needed and, of course, which tool they could trust to get the job done.

Before boarding team Mopinion, Lowell tried several solutions. Makes sense, right? If you’re looking for a tool that will ultimately help improve your customer’s experience, you’re going to want to make sure you invest in the best one available.

After a lengthy period of careful investigation, Lowell evaluated 14 different alternatives. After some testing, the team found that Mopinion’s competitors were either ‘clumsy in providing a modern user experience’ or ‘unreliable with their technology’.

Mopinion comes out on top

When searching for an all-in-one feedback collection tool, the team at Lowell Nordics had more than a few ideas about what they would need…

  • It had to be easy to integrate into their web services.
  • It had to offer various types of surveys that are easily customisable with minimum intrusion for Lowell Nordic’s digital customer services.
  • They required a healthy multilingual survey support.
  • Not to mention a convenient-to-use dashboard.
  • And of course, the tool had to have flexible pricing.

Luckily, they found a solution:

Mopinion was the only solution that got the checkmarks on all fronts, and then some.

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Lowell leverages a wide variety of feedback surveys

One of the main tasks for the Lowell team was localizing Mopinion for four different countries and implementing the software to 12 separate platforms developed specifically per the needs and regulations of each country. No small task, for sure.

After which, they could start collecting feedback.

Bahadir noted; “Currently, we are using five separate feedback forms, two of these are for our customers, three are for our clients. Some of these forms collect feedback at specific touchpoints of the user journey, others are for open feedback, tied to measurements. We mainly measure the Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, and the Ease of Use. All these questions are also followed up by open-answer type questions based on the rating customer gives.”

The forms used by Lowell websites are always active, but are limited by cookies to ensure users aren’t routinely bombarded with surveys. Due to the various websites and many services, there are numerous online customer journeys, depending on the type of customer and what services they are using.

Lowell Nordics - Mopinion

Almost all surveys contain open-answer type questions. For these, Lowell has email alerts configured, so they can keep an eye on the insights easily. Otherwise, in each country, product owners for each separate website are informed about the average results during monthly or bi-monthly meetings.

Next, they look over the coded open answers.

“These codes are essential for us to take more meaningful action towards the feedback we receive. In addition to these, we are also trying to find meaningful ways to integrate the data we collect via Mopinion into our internal dashboards.”

Unexpected Results

lowell story

Mopinion offers us a humbling experience, as it often liberates our customers by anonymizing them and lets them speak to us freely. It helps us feel prouder about what we do and helps us achieve our business mission.

Bahadir told us that, during the implementation of Mopinion, his team had the opportunity to cover the entirety of their websites with a fresh perspective. That alone created an internal awareness over user journeys and revealed some long-neglected content.

Stay tuned for updates on how Lowell continues to leverage Mopinion to drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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