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Top 10 Data Integration Software: An Overview

Mopinion: Top 10 Data Integration Software: An Overview - Cover Image

As enterprises generate and collect more data than ever from various data sources, the need to aggregate all the data in one place to extract value is growing. This is where data integration software comes in handy. Data integration software lets enterprises combine, manage, and understand all the data from multiple sources in one single […]

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What is a Customer Feedback Metric?

Mopinion: What is a Customer Feedback Metric? - Cover

The use of metrics is a practice businesses apply to nearly all aspects of their organisation. Whether that’s finance, competition, customer requirements, expectations, employee performance, or marketing, metrics matter. Metrics reflect and support the strategies of these business areas, giving us leverage to improve in any way we can. So why would this be any […]

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Top 15 Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) Software

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Improve customer loyalty. Reduce customer churn. Maximize revenue. These are the top reasons why so many organisations have employed Enterprise Feedback Management Software(EFM). Interestingly enough, in a highly competitive market where your competitors are just a click away, we’re seeing that some organisations still haven’t embraced EFM. In fact, according to Destination CRM, only 42% […]

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Employee in the Spotlight: Luke Price

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - Luke Cover

It’s a new year which means we have some exciting new content on the agenda, including our January Employee Spotlight. The Employee Spotlight series is our way of giving you an inside look at the people behind the Mopinion brand. In last month’s Employee in the Spotlight, we interviewed a special member of the Development […]

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How to integrate user feedback data with Zapier (using Mopinion webhooks)


Mopinion has teamed up with online automation tool Zapier to deliver quick and easy integrations between your Mopinion feedback data and various web applications. Thanks to Mopinion webhooks, the integration process is a breeze. Ready to start relaying your feedback data to all your favorite apps in real-time? We’re here to help. Mopinion has created […]

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How to Use Email Marketing to Get Feedback from Loyal Customers

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Asking for customer feedback gives valuable insight into how your customers perceive your brand. Whether it’s positive or negative, you can use the collected information to adjust and provide a better experience. It also results in a stronger seller-buyer relationship since customers’ opinion are valued and appreciated. So how and where do you collect this […]

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Top Digital Customer Experience (CX) Trends for 2019

Mopinion: Top Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2019 - Cover

Welcome to 2019… where digital technologies will start evolving faster than we can adapt. Where customers’ experience expectations will rise above everything else. Where predictive analytics will boost customer experience for good, and where data ethics will become the new competitive advantage. Bottom line: our customers expect now more than ever that the digital customer […]

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