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7 ways to improve your website user experience

how to improve your website user experience

Part of creating a high performing website is to constantly optimise your user experience. A key factor to succeeding in this is knowing why people leave your site. Buuut this part of the customer journey can be tricky to deduce from standard marketing analytics alone. So what can you do when Google Analytics fails you? […]

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The Best Feedback Form Templates for Your Website

Mopinion: The Best Feedback Form Templates for Your Website - Cover Image

If you’re reading this it’s probably safe to say your business has decided to implement an online customer feedback programme. Excellent choice! The next step is to start setting things into motion (in other words, collecting feedback), which can be challenging without the proper guidance. If you already have goals set out for your business, […]

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3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires

Mopinion: 3 Examples of Website Content Questionnaires - Cover Image

A company’s website is often the first chance the company has to market its products and services to customers. So why wouldn’t you make it a priority to have the best website content out there? Well, now it’s possible with our easy-to-use website content questionnaires from the Mopinion Survey Marketplace! Learn more about website content […]

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The Best Website Intercept Survey Templates

Website Intercept Surveys are an ideal solution for many businesses. Not only do they have high response rates, but they are also effective in giving your business the necessary insights to improve website usability and customer satisfaction as well as achieve long-term goals such as customer retention. However, creating and employing website intercept surveys isn’t […]

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What is a website feedback button?

A website feedback button is a tab or icon that is used to collect feedback from online visitors and customers while they are on your website. These buttons are usually located on the side or at the bottom of a web page so that they are easy for the visitor to find. In order to […]

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