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Employee in the Spotlight: Conor Dempsey

Employee in the Spotlight: Conor

Meet Conor. Conor is our Python Developer here at Mopinion. Day in and day out, he works diligently to keep all of our behind the scenes python services running smoothly. But what’s Conor up to when he’s not coding or testing? A self-proclaimed ‘night owl’, Conor is big on reading (yep, we’ve got a bookworm!) […]

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The State of Customer Experience in 2022

State of Customer Experience 2022

The year 2022 has been an interesting one in terms of developments in the Customer Experience space. While the COVID crisis has slowly faded into the background, other challenges have arisen such as the inflation rates and a recent dip in buyer trust. But it’s nothing the market can’t handle. It only means that companies […]

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