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Mopinion in 2022: Product Updates, Feedback Guides, and Company Highlights

The customer experience market is evolving and so is Mopinion. Our recent State of Customer Experience report has made that quite clear. So as the year 2022 slowly draws to a close, it only seems fitting to take a moment and reflect on what the year has brought us and what we expect for 2023. So let us take you on a ride through this year’s accomplishments and highlights at Mopinion.

In this post, we’ll share our biggest product updates, the best blog posts of 2022 and some fun highlights about the company itself. We’ll also share our expectations for the coming year!

Product Updates

Not sure what you missed in terms of new product updates this year? Let us bring you up to speed, starting with our most prized release: Conversational Feedback!

Mopinion releases conversational feedback

In early 2022 Mopinion released a brand new solution: conversational feedback!

Conversational feedback is a relatively new-to-market approach to conversational marketing. This type of feedback allows organisations to collect feedback in a way that is casual, fun and personal, allowing customers to really open up. The result? Increased response rates and even richer insights.

For customers, conversational feedback is just like chatting with an employee from the organisation. By way of a pop-up survey, feedback button or an embedded survey, the customer is presented with what looks like a chat. Implementation is simple in that conversational feedback forms in software like Mopinion are just like standard feedback forms in terms of how easy they are to build and how insights are gathered.

Using techniques such as form logic or question routing, the organisation has the freedom to determine which questions will be asked and depending on the customers’ answer (the logic), the relevant answer will appear. Therefore, rather than leveraging ‘bot technology’, you are providing an even more human experience with human-programmed surveys.

And to take it one step further, the feedback you receive from conversational feedback can be analysed just like regular feedback.

Improved user experience in feedback inbox feature

We recently improved the UX of our feedback inbox overview page, so you can scan incoming feedback even easier than ever before. We wanted to redesign this page with our users and their needs at the centre of the user experience.

After deploying the feedback form inside the platform and gathering a decent number of responses, our product and development team quickly got to work improving this page.

They first wanted to make the page more intuitive and user-friendly, by improving some smaller design elements. Then, most importantly, they wanted to display the relevant information clearly, so you could quickly scan through incoming feedback and easily spot trends or identify common issues.

Although the new and improved feedback inbox overview page has not changed drastically, with these small improvements, the inbox overview is even more intuitive than before, displaying the most important and relevant information.

Read the full Behind the Feedback story here.

Introducing mobile feedback form metrics

In addition to Mopinion for Web and Mopinion for Email, Mopinion now also offers feedback form metrics in Mopinion for Apps. Released this past summer, this new solution has already enabled several mobile feedback users to better understand how their users interact with their in-app feedback forms.

The extra data obtained for mobile feedback form metrics helps users make decisions about when to trigger forms, how often a form should be deployed, when to avoid asking for feedback and so much more.

It gives users the power to quantitatively monitor how respondents interact with their Mopinion surveys.

What kinds of metrics will you see? The solution tracks data such as how many times a form appears, how the form is displayed, and how many times the form has been filled in entirely.
For each of these metrics, you can filter on specific URLs and select your own time intervals, such as today, the current week or month, and up to the previous 90 days.

in-app form metrics
Mobile form metrics in Mopinion’s software

Find out how your customers interact with your mobile feedback.

Introducing Access Groups!

The development team has worked long and hard on the “next big thing” here at Mopinion: Access Groups (Mopinion’s new user management system)

Managing sensitive information is critical in today’s data-filled market which is why extra attention must be paid to data security and privacy. Mopinion’s new Access Groups system will not only improve security measures but also offer complete flexibility to you – our users – as it gives the right people access to the right information.

In fact, many of you have been yearning for a way to ensure organisational hierarchy remains intact, while still being able to open up the platform to different departments and roles. With this new system that will be an easy feat. You can set permissions (keeping private information private) and enable access to certain areas of the platform. It will also protect your inexperienced users from accidentally tampering with existing forms and charts.

Blog Highlights

The Mopinion blog is the one place where you can get all of the latest insights and information around customer feedback. We regularly publish content (i.e. guides, whitepapers, how-to’s, that educates and inspires our readers to make the most of their customer feedback initiatives. Because we know it’s not always a straightforward business. Curious what we came out with this year? Check out our blog or sift through the highlights below.

Brand new guides on Mobile Feedback and Email Feedback

This year Mopinion really wanted to emphasise the importance of collecting and analysing feedback across all of your digital channels, not just the website. By collecting feedback on your website, mobile app(s) and email, you can tie together the journey and provide an equally valuable experience across all channels.

Therefore, we decided to publish two in-depth guides that not only provide inspiration and encouragement to kick off a mobile or email feedback program, but also the knowledge to do so effectively!

A Complete Guide to Mobile Feedback
This all encompassing guide to mobile feedback dives into several topics:

  • What is mobile feedback?
  • Why is mobile feedback important?
  • Methods for setting up mobile feedback
  • Mobile feedback survey templates
  • Best mobile in-app feedback tools

Read our Mobile Feedback guide here.

A Complete Guide to Email Feedback
Catered to email marketers and campaign managers, this guide covers everything under the email feedback umbrella including:

  • What is Email Feedback?
  • The Benefits of Email Feedback
  • Types of Email Feedback + Examples
  • Tips for a Successful Email Feedback Programme

Read our Email Feedback guide here.

Achieving Product-Led Growth With User Feedback

With so many companies making the switch to a product-led growth strategy, this post was a popular one this year. Though the shift has been gradual, lots of tech companies are changing their selling strategy to one that is focused more heavily on the product itself. That means the product is the primary driver of acquisition, conversion and expansion. In other words, the product is not just one part of the customer experience; it is the experience.

Source: product led

This post dives into all of the ins and outs of product-led growth and how user feedback can strengthen this endeavour. Check it out:

  • What a Product-Led Growth Strategy is.
  • Why a user feedback strategy is essential for product-led companies.
  • How to create a culture of feedback within your organisation.
  • How Mopinion can help you leverage user feedback to inform your entire organisation.

Read the full article about product-led growth here.

10 things you probably didn’t know about Mopinion

As more and more companies adopt user feedback, new and original ways of using feedback forms (specifically Mopinion’s) keep coming to the fore. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration, a better understanding of how to collect feedback or just curious what we’ve been up to here at Mopinion, be sure to check this post out!

A sneak peak at some of the unique ways you can use Mopinion’s feedback solution:

  • Collect content feedback
  • Plan website maintenance
  • Carry out fake door research
  • Invite customers to your panel
  • Book a demo
  • Gather hiring practice feedback
  • Get chatty with conversational feedback

See what else is on the list here in our post about what you probably didn’t know about Mopinion.

Wrapped up the 360 Digital podcast

After two years (and eight episodes) of unique and exclusive interviews with some of the market’s hottest digital experts, we have retired Mopinion’s 360 Digital podcast.

360 Digital Podcast
Erin Haije and Luke Price hosting the first ever 360 Digital podcast episode

A podcast series built around digital challenges in the B2B market, 360 Digital tackles a variety of different topics under what we call the ‘digital umbrella’. From best practices in User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization to the latest trends and innovations in Customer Experience and Digital Marketing, Mopinion has an episode for just about every digital role!

So the sad news is that the podcast is retiring, but the good news is that its legacy will go on forever. All of our episodes will remain available on our Youtube channel, continuously giving our listeners great insights into how to approach their digital strategies.

Check out all of the 360 Digital podcast episodes here.

Company Highlights

Mopinion has seen a lot of growth and professionalisation in 2022. In addition to further establishing ourselves as a thought leader in the customer feedback space, we have also hosted an inspiring event for our network as well as welcomed several new employees to the team. Find out what happened at Mopinion below.

Future of Online Feedback event

In celebration of Mopinion’s upcoming 10 year anniversary, the team hosted its first event at the new office. The theme of the evening? The Future of Online Feedback. It was an event full of insightful knowledge sessions, networking opportunities, and of course some bubbly.

Our very own Rudo de Graaf kicked off the knowledge sessions with a journey back in time to the very beginning of Mopinion, highlighting how different the online landscape once was. He walked the audience through the growth of the feedback market, illustrating with creative and inspiring feedback surveys used by Mopinion customers past and present.

Mopinion 'Future of Online Feedback' event

On behalf of Mopinion, he also shared our expectations of the CX market, security and privacy updates and up and coming AI & machine learning technologies and how these trends will play into the importance of a customer-centric approach.

There were also insightful presentations from Dutch customers Allianz, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and Intergamma.

All in all, it was a delightful and thought-provoking evening for those who joined us!

Here is a recap (in Dutch only) of how the Future of Online Feedback event played out.

Scaling the company with more new team members!

Going from a startup to a scale up over the years has proven to be a very natural transition for Mopinion. Not only have we stepped up our game in the development of our feedback software (psst, see some of the latest updates above!), but we have also continued to further professionalise and expand our key teams within Mopinion. And this year was no exception.

This year, we welcomed:

We’re really happy to have these members on board!

A SummerJam to remember

This past summer the Mopinion team came together for the annual SummerJam – Mopinion’s annual summer team party. It was a hot and sunny Thursday afternoon well spent. The team headed out to Zoelen on a party bus for…Wipeout!

There’s nothing better than watching your colleagues wipe out (hard!) on the course. Here are a few impressions of the day:

Blue team at Wipeout

Looking forward: What to expect in 2023

While no one can really predict the future, the current state of the CX market and the widespread plans to increase investments in customer experience initiatives tells us a lot about how much priority CX solutions should be given in the future.

That being said, Mopinion aims to continue serving its customers in the best way possible: by offering an intuitive, flexible and powerful feedback solution suitable for their changing needs. In fact, we already have a number of new releases up on the menu that are guaranteed to bring even more value to our customers.

And…we don’t want to toot our own horn but…we are proud to announce that in January Mopinion will celebrate its 10 year anniversary. That’s 10 years of us serving you feedback expertise and guidance, which means a glass of bubbly is in order!

Cheers to 2022!

As you can see it’s been another busy year here at Mopinion. We hope that you also learned a whole lot from your customers this year through the feedback you’ve collected. And if you’re not collecting feedback yet, perhaps 2022 is your year to start. So here’s to 2022 and another great year of feedback and insights!