Nederlandse Loterij doesn’t gamble with customer experience

Nederlandse Loterij, the famous Dutch lottery, offers several wonderful games of chance in the Netherlands, such as the Staatsloterij, Lotto and TOTO. These games help the Nederlandse Loterij achieve its main ambition, which is contributing to a happier and healthier Holland. You may also know the Nederlandse Loterij as being one of the largest sports sponsors in the Netherlands, supporting Dutch sports with nearly forty million euros each year.

While gambling and games of chance are Nederlandse Loterij’s expertise, there’s one thing it doesn’t gamble with and that is providing a good customer experience.

Maurice Meijers, Head of Online Design & Development at Nederlandse Loterij fills us in…

“Although we are still very strong in our retail channel, it is evident that everybody is moving to online channels, especially mobile. This is one of the main reasons Nederlandse Loterij has set out to achieve a seamless experience on mobile, especially native apps. This forms a large part of our strategy for 2018.”

With nearly 70% of traffic already on mobile channels, Nederlandse Loterij certainly feels compelled to improve upon the online experience even more.

Mopinion: Customer Story: Nederlandse Loterij doesn’t gamble with customer experience - Staatsloterij App

“All products we offer can be bought instantly using the customer’s wallet, which makes participating in the games really easy for our players. It also allows us to send relevant ‘offers of luck’ that hopefully make our customers smile – especially if they win.”

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The Challenge

Just prior to working with Mopinion, Nederlandse Loterij came to the realisation that they couldn’t make each and every decision on their own, but rather needed feedback from the players themselves. They believed this feedback would help them improve their products and the online experience.

What we noticed was that as our online channels continued to increase in terms of popularity, so did the need for feedback.

On top of that, Nederlandse Loterij needed a solution that would work well with their customer journey, which varies from product to product. Meijers tells us, “Playing with Staatsloterij is totally different from TOTO, our sportsbook. However, they all have something in common – they’re games played by many of our players. Often players use their winnings from one game to play another so we needed to be sure we could provide seamless enjoyment across all websites”.

Mopinion: Customer Story: Nederlandse Loterij doesn’t gamble with customer experience - 7 Brands

In search of the right solution, Nederlandse Loterij soon found itself in the hands of feedback analytics software, Mopinion.

The Solution

“We’ve been using Mopinion for quite a while now. Initially, the software used mainly for simple feedback forms and to monitor usage. However, we’ve slowly expanded the usage as the product evolved over time.”

Meijers explains that Nederlandse Loterij values the capability Mopinion offers to configure feedback forms so that they appear to the user only when relevant. This is something he said wasn’t possible before they worked with Mopinion. For example, they currently target different experiences of their customers, from visitors who have successfully completed their sales funnel to those who dropped out during certain (crucial) steps. Here they trigger their visitors to submit feedback using exit feedback forms.

Nederlandse Loterij then analyses this data once a month, whereby the feedback items collected are used to optimise the different websites. Additionally, the dashboard is closely monitored for an early detection of trends.

“What’s also great about Mopinion is its ease of use, custom layout capabilities and the support provided to our team throughout the process.”

The Results

“Mopinion created a great solution that enables us to get direct insights and feedback from our visitors. We’ve already gathered a lot of insights by analysing our data, but a place where people can express their feedback in a straightforward manner is very important.

Mopinion: Customer Story: Nederlandse Loterij doesn’t gamble with customer experience - Feedback Form

Nederlandse Loterij takes its customer feedback very seriously. For example, recently we discovered we our visitors were experiencing login problems – this was only applicable to a particular group of people. These are critical issues that we were able to pinpoint and directly solve thanks to Mopinion.”

Nederlandse Loterij is currently looking into the possibility to connect their customer feedback to their own CRM (Salesforce) platform in order to provide more accurate details to our customer service.

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