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Mopinion releases testimonial video with KIA

Kia Motors Netherlands is the brand distributor of the Korean car manufacturer in the country. With a network of 100 dealers, Kia Motors Netherlands boasts a position as one of the top 10 players in Dutch car sales market.

Why KIA chose Mopinion

Jorrit Van Werven, Marketing Coordinator Digital at Kia Motors Netherlands commented, “We wanted to use Kia’s customers as ambassadors for the brand, so were looking for a way to display their reviews and opinions on our website. We looked at three potential suppliers but chose Mopinion as its tools are good value for money, easy to implement and easy to adapt to the corporate identity.”

Discovering problems on the website

Kia Motors Netherlands was also looking to create content for email marketing and its corporate magazines, so having such a readily available amount of customer reviewers made this much easier to complete.

Jorrit added, “As well as publishing reviews, we have used the Mopinion feedback platform to help discover problems on our website in the early stages. For example, we had feedback that our pricing was not easy to find, so we were able to address this on the website.”

Overall, the benefits of using customer feedback are clear, as Jorrit concluded, “These reviews let customers rely upon the opinions of other customers and not just our sales team.”

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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