CRO Heroes Meetup

Mopinion to host a meetup for the CRO Heroes

CRO, which stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation, is essentially the process of increasing the percentage of online visitors who take desired actions, whether that’s turning a visitor into a customer, or tempting the visitor to sign up for a newsletter, request information, download a document or complete a contact form.

Meetup with the CRO Heroes

Because CRO plays an increasingly important role for companies and developments are constantly changing, it has become a highly discussed topic among experts.

The CRO Heroes (or ‘CRO Helden’ as they are called in Dutch) is a selected group of conversion specialists from various, reputable companies. The group meets regularly throughout the year, each time at a different external location. And this time they’ll be heading to the Mopinion HQ!

On Thursday, January 23rd, Mopinion will host the CRO Heroes meetup and welcome the experts into our main office (HQ) in Rotterdam.


During the meetups, cases and challenges are discussed and plenty of room is offered to spar with one another. The CRO Heroes consist of major players in the ecommerce market such as and Beerwulf, as well as the fashion and insurance industries. There are also freelancers within the group who work for (large) organisations. So what is that they all have in common? CRO expertise.

Martin van Kranenburg, a member of the CRO Heroes, is one of the Netherlands’ most well-known CRO specialists. He helps other entrepreneurs and marketers turn visitors into customers. He’s also a passionate speaker, teacher and expert in usability, conversion and neuromarketing.


These meetups have proven to be a great success. Networks are extended and knowledge is collected and shared, all in an informal setting. What’s more, external companies are also given the opportunity to present their organisation and contribute to CRO.

That being said, we’re really excited to tune in on the discussions!

Stay tuned!

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the meetup with CRO Heroes!

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