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Why Mopinion attaches great importance to ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the world’s most recognized standard for information security. Of course, we at Mopinion only want to offer you the best when it comes to data security. So it should be quite obvious that we have been officially ISO certified since June 18, 2020. But what exactly does that mean for you? Well, we sat down with our internal ISO specialist and Mopinion’s ISO Project Lead, Mohamad Haroon to discuss the most important questions.

We got re-certified!

iso certificate haroon
Haroon with our ISO 27001 certificate

Mopinion has some big news to share with you all! We’d like to start with a big “Hooray” because we recently got re-certified for another year of ISO 27001. Cheers to that!

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the world’s most recognized standard for information security. Defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 27001 provides a number of standardized requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). It contains requirements for the implementation, monitoring, maintenance and continuous improvement of an information security management system (ISMS) in the context of the organization and its business requirements.

Haroon is responsible for our successful ISO 27001 certification and makes sure that our whole team is always up-to-date and aware of the risks of their work. As a project lead he was there from the beginning, preparing, implementing and ensuring that Mopinion will reach its goal to get ISO 27001 certified.

We sat down with Haroon to find out what’s behind the ISO 27001 certification for Mopinion…

So, why was it so important for Mopinion to get ISO 27001 certified?

“Mopinion has been rapidly growing in the last few years. Whilst we are very proud of this fact, we didn’t want to overlook the risks of rapid growth like losing control or having confusion about who is responsible for what information assets. To overcome this challenge we needed an industry proven framework like ISO 27001 to establish, implement, operate, monitor, maintain and continually improve our ISMS (information security management system).”

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How did you approach becoming ISO 27001 certified?

“Like always, we started with evaluating the organisation and its challenges. After understanding how Mopinion worked, management appointed myself as a dedicated ISO 27001 project lead to lead the process and has freed the resources and closely contributed to the implementation of the whole certification project. After that, everyone at Mopinion saw it as “this just has to be done”, representing a great level of adaptability and company culture.”

Now that Mopinion is ISO 27001 certified, what does it say about our company?

“Our ISO 27001 certificate is a shining badge of credibility and trust! It not only helped us to adapt to the latest information security best practices, but also gives us a trusted reputation in the market.

Before we were ISO 27001 certified, we received a lot of questions from (new and existing) customers concerning the security of their information at Mopinion. At this point, with our ISO 27001 certification, customers are assured that their information is in good hands at Mopinion.”

What does the ISO certificate mean to you? What’s the most interesting thing about it?

“To me, the ISO 27001 certificate is synonym of continuous improvement for information security in our company. Although the entire journey plus going through regular audits can be stressful, the value it brings to the security of all our data at Mopinion is worth all the efforts.

More personally, ISO 27001 was a start of a new era for me at Mopinion. As I was involved in Mopinion’s ISO 27001 certification process from the very beginning, I am really proud of how we improved and are keeping up with up-to-date information security practices.”

Can you tell me a bit about the timeline of your work and how you keep up with the certification and its goals?

“As ISO 27001 is based on the PDCA Cycle, it also defines my timeline. My tasks include maintaining our ISMS, planning and implementing a lot of different improvements, contributing to internal and external audits, monitoring the implementation, executing awareness sessions and many more.”

The knowledge/information of ISO 27001 is part of the onboarding at Mopinion for new employees, which Haroon is responsible for. This onboarding gives everyone who is part of our team some ideas what our expectations are for a secure working environment. So if you ever were to join Mopinion… One of your first meetings will be with Haroon!

How do we react in case of a breach?

“Everyone at Mopinion stands strong at the front line of our information security to avoid the occurrence of a data breach. But as they say “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”, we also have put a proper incident management procedure in place which instructs an efficient, effective and quick handling of the incident occurred. This includes the reporting, evaluating, fixing and preventing further occurrence of the data breach.”

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What’s the most important thing about the ISO 27001 Certificate for our customers to know?

“I would say the most important for our customers to know is that this ISO 27001 Certificate is in place to give all our current and future customers’ peace of mind whilst working with us. We put their goals and the security of their information at the core of everything we do at Mopinion and this is how we strive for excellence in our work.”

Haroon also tells us that for the further development of this project, Mopinion plans to become compliant to different regulations all around the world. Our main goal at Mopinion is to become compliant with as many governmental regulations of different countries and regions as possible, to be able to cater to all customers, wherever they are located and whatever their needs are. Sounds like we got some big plans ahead for Mopinion and ISO 27001, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned!

As you can see we are on a security roll here at Mopinion, and it doesn’t stop at our ISO 27001 certificate! Stay posted in our blog about other interesting posts about security guidelines in our company or, of course, the newest trends on Customer Experience and User Feedback!

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