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Employee in the Spotlight: Dorian Maat


Welcome to the next edition of Mopinion’s Employee in the Spotlight! In this blog series we introduce the Mopinion team members to you one by one. Last month we sat down with Digital Feedback Specialist Kevin and this month, it’s time for the social media extraordinaire, one of our newest and youngest employees, Dorian Maat. […]

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Conrad stays ahead of the curve with Mopinion feedback


Conrad, originally a German company, specialises in electronics and technology for both the private and business markets. In the 1980s, Conrad also settled in other European countries, including the Netherlands. The extensive Dutch webshop contains almost one million products. Conrad operates from three regions: East, Dach and West. The Netherlands is part of the West […]

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40+ Great Resources & Online Tools for Remote Working

40 Great Resources & Online Tools for Remote Working - Cover

As a result of COVID-19, at the beginning of this year, many governments worldwide started asking their citizens to work remotely as much as possible. For some organisations this wasn’t a big step, but for many this proved to be a difficult adjustment as they had to get into different habits of working. The ones […]

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Mopinion’s 2020 User Experience (UX) Insights Software Landscape

Mopinion: Mopinion’s 2020 User Experience (UX) Insights Software Landscape - Cover

Introducing Mopinion’s 2020 edition of the User Experience (UX) Insights software landscape. For this landscape, we’ve gathered over 30+ UX Insights software from 3 key categories in this space. From user feedback and user testing to usability testing, this landscape is designed to guide organisations seeking meaningful UX insights. We are certain that there is […]

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