Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla

You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again…Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is crucial for businesses looking to compete based on customer experience. And while this couldn’t be more true, surprisingly, nearly 75% of companies still feel that their VoC programmes aren’t effective and that they’re failing to drive actions. That is to say that these companies are listening to their customers but lack the wherewithal to turn insights into something meaningful and profitable for their business. This is where VoC tools come into play. One that comes to mind is Usabilla.

Usabilla is an online feedback tool that collects feedback data on websites, mobile apps, email, and in-page. Users can customise feedback surveys (to some extent), target specific visitors, take screenshots and add it to their feedback items. With Usabilla, you can collect metrics such as smileys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) as well as customer metadata.

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Usabilla

However, as with every software there are a few shortcomings. In terms of the collection stage, this tool lacks features such as complex question routing that enables you to really zoom in on customer issues. It also misses some important analysis features including customisable dashboards and data visualisations, cross-tabbing/filtering feedback items, native text and sentiment analytics and more. And most importantly, if you’re looking for a tool that facilitates an effective action management programme, you may want to look further as Usabilla unfortunately does not offer much in terms of a task management solution.

So let’s take a look at some of the competitors and alternatives to using a tool like Usabilla.

1. Mopinion

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Mopinion

Mopinion takes your online VoC programme to the next level, giving you more than just feedback collection capabilities. This software collects and analyses both both website and mobile customer feedback (using a mobile SDK) in real-time. It has an easy-to-use interface, with which users can build, design and configure feedback forms however they like as well as deploys forms in multiple different languages. Like Usabilla, Mopinion users can also target specific groups of online visitors with feedback forms and gain insights into why they are struggling to convert. This is done using Mopinion’s advanced triggers that are set off based on digital visitor behaviour. However, the difference here is that Mopinion offers unlimited combinations of form triggering rules so that you can more target more specifically.

Once collected, feedback items can be visualised in customisable dashboards and charts for advanced analyses. Additionally, digital teams can share and take action on these feedback items in a timely manner with the help of smart alerts. Want to learn more about the differences between Usabilla and Mopinion? Click here.


2. Qualaroo

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a VoC software that analyses customer behaviour using (micro)surveys. These surveys are quite easy to build and design using Qualaroo’s library of questions and various customisation options. Users also have the ability to target particular audiences, make use of intelligent question branching, and review the results in an easy-to-handle dashboard. Having said that, it’s important to point out that Qualaroo’s strengths lie primarily in data collection rather than analysis. In other words, its reporting functionalities are somewhat limited. To compensate though, they do offer an integration with IBM Watson for analysis.

3. Feedbackify

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Feedbackify

Feedbackify is an easy-to-setup online feedback tool for your website. With Feedbackify, you can create feedback forms with a drag-and-drop editor. Website visitors can leave ratings and comments, including compliments and suggestions. A real-time dashboard can be used to see and analyse all received feedback. Unfortunately, however, this tool doesn’t offer advanced reporting or text analysis capabilities, but if you’re going for cheap and simple this is a great tool for you.

4. OpinionLab

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Opinionlab

OpinionLab is a popular Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform that collects customer feedback via standard surveys. While this tool was initially focused on website feedback it is now positioned a lot broader. For example, surveys can be used to gather feedback from other (offline) channels such as contact centres and shops (hence its marking as a more traditional VoC tool). However, this tool is quite limited in terms of customisation options. For example, feedback forms are always deployed as standard ‘popups’. And when it comes to reporting, there isn’t much flexibility in regards to customising reports or dashboards…


5. Qualtrics

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an online survey software and questionnaire tool that somewhat pushes the boundaries of traditional surveys. It offers nearly 100+ question types, several readily made survey templates as well as features such as display logic, email triggers and logic branching. Included in its real-time web reports, users can choose from over 30 different graph types and export results to CSV or SPSS. However, this is somewhat limited in terms of customisation options (e.g. editing end of survey messages). Additionally, this tool is much better suited for those seeking traditional research solutions (e.g. questionnaires) as Qualtrics does not specialise in digital channels.

6. GetFeedback

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - GetFeedback

With GetFeedback, users can easily build branded surveys using drag & drop and a number of different personalisation features. It is also flexible in that it adapts to almost every platform that is used to distribute surveys. You can integrate GetFeedback with SalesForce, meaning the results of the surveys are also visible in your SalesForce dashboard. There are however, limitations in the flexibility of question types, data presentation and overall customisation. Plus, this tool focuses mainly on email surveys and catering to customer service goals so it’s not an ideal digital solution.

7. WebEngage

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - WebEngage

WebEngage is a customer feedback software that includes a feedback form and survey builder. This software can also be used to trigger the feedback forms depending on the visitor’s click behaviour. WebEngage also offers possibilities to send out notifications on the website or in a mobile app. Note: while very cost-effective, it’s important to mention that this tool is intended mainly for collection purposes and does not offer much in terms of analysis, e.g. text analysis.


8. Medallia for Digital

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Medallia

Medallia for Digital is an enterprise-grade software and key component of Medallia Experience Cloud. This software, which recently acquired Kampyle (VoC platform), captures customer feedback on websites, mobile websites and in-app and integrates it with offline data from contact centers, retail stores and several other touchpoints. The software also makes use of powerful AI-based text analytics, role-based reporting and real-time alerts. However, being an enterprise software, some might say it’s a rather expensive option.

9. ResponseTek

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - ResponseTek

ResponseTek provides customer experience software and service to its customers. Users can access targeted surveys and randomly select customers depending on their actions. It collects data by sending out email invites, or the software collects it from your website and social media. ResponseTek creates detailed customer journey data reports such as the type of interaction, touchpoint, revenue, churn reduction, and more. As this is a 360-degree VoC software, it’s focus is not only digital.


10. NICE Satmetrix

Mopinion:Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Usabilla - Satmetrix

NICE Satmetrix is a somewhat new VoC software solution that was created when Satmetrix was acquired by NICE in 2017. With a user-friendly interface and clear visuals, NICE Satmetrix offers advanced surveys with abilities such as location, industry or product segmentation. Users can also publish positive feedback (provided by clients) on social media. Keep in mind though that this solution is mainly focused on customer service.


Final thoughts…

I hope this article has helped you in your decision making process. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find or to choose (alternative) tools that suit your wishes. This is mainly because there are so many different types of tools out there to choose from.

So my advice to you is to just focus on the various techniques they offer for collecting, reporting or analysing online user feedback from your websites or mobile apps and go from there!

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