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Mopinion releases testimonial video with Interpolis

Interpolis is the largest insurance brand in the Netherlands, with cover for travel, cars and people, both for individuals and businesses. By the very nature of its business, the company finds customer feedback extremely helpful.

Why they chose Mopinion

Historically the company had used a much more basic approach, as Christiaan Buitenhuis, Senior Market Researcher explained, “The old approach was much more Do It Yourself, we had to make calculations in Excel to find the Net Promoter Score for example. With the Mopinion solution these tasks are now already done. Mopinion offers us a big advantage and this is why we switched.”

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Better insights

The Mopinion solution also offers much more scope for feedback, using passive, active and embedded feedback forms which offer far more detail. The Mopinion solution has made it much easier to look at customer feedback throughout the process, as Christiaan elaborated, “We also wanted to know if a customer promotes us after they have claimed, which is good for internal promotion to the team as well as externally to other customers.”

The Mopinion solution is now used for assessing goals and showing several Interpolis teams if their goal completion rate is high enough. The solution also shows the company the customer effort score – indicating how easy or difficult it was for the customer to reach their ultimate goal.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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