White paper - De toekomst van online klantfeedback

New White Paper Released: The Future of Online Customer Feedback

Today’s consumers expect online services as a key channel. Websites and apps have become the most important channels to interact with companies. The role of the digital marketer has never been so important. This white paper titled “The Future of Online Customer Feedback” provides the blueprint for every digital marketer who is designing a hyper-effective customer feedback programme to improve websites and apps with the voice of the online customer.

Mopinion’s white paper covers 25 pages with practical tips and answers pressing questions such as:

  • How do I become successful in optimising the digital customer experience?
  • What are the best ways to collect customer feedback on our websites en apps?
  • Why is it critical to follow up on feedback and what is the best way to do this?
  • How do I report on customer feedback within my organisation?

Table of contents:

1. Introduction: Digital customer experience
2. Customer Experience vs. User Experience
3. Four phases of maturity
4. Collecting online customer feedback
5. From insight to action
6. Conclusion

About the authors

With this white paper Mopinion offers a free no-nonsense guide to practical decision-making concerning your digital customer experience strategy, written by hands-on operators with world-class experience: Udesh Jadnanansing & Kees Wolters, both co-founders at Mopinion and who have guided and advised national and international businesses with setting up dozens of projects relating to digital customer experience and the use of online customer feedback.


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