Powerful Technology, Intuitive Design: Introducing Our New Native Android SDK

Powerful Technology, Intuitive Design: Introducing Our New Native Android SDK

Gather feedback and make changes to your mobile UX with our new and improved native Android SDK. This slim and trim SDK allows you to effortlessly gather feedback in your android applications. Unlike our earlier Android SDK built with React Native, this new SDK is built with Kotlin, meaning it’s faster and slimmer than ever. Installing mobile feedback forms and gathering app insights is even easier now thanks to the intuitive user experience of our easy-to-implement SDK. Keep reading to find out more.

Robust, Reliable Technology

With this SDK, collecting feedback to spot UX issues and trends is effortless. Deploying Mopinion feedback forms has never been easier. Although our previous React Native based Android SDK was easy to install, this version contained some UI dependencies (like React Native) which we wanted to improve in order to provide a smoother experience.

Thanks to the latest, robust technology, you can expect a faster response time, and a more pleasing user experience when using the Mopinion Android SDK, without increasing your app size too much. Still fairly new to Mopinion for Apps? Find out more about SDKs here.

Our new SDK is built with Kotlin, a pure native Android code, so it’s easy to implement. This allows your app size to stay nice and slim, and you can expect improved performance, efficiency, and stability of the SDK.

What’s new?

With this new native Android SDK, you’ll notice a number of new features and additions that align with the user experience of the Mopinion platform. These include:

  • Improved efficiency: This SDK is built with Kotlin, meaning that it runs on a native Android code, so it’s faster, takes up less space and has an overall better performance.
  • Dynamic forms: Previously, slide-in forms would take the entire mobile screen, now, when using our native SDK, you have the option of using slide in forms which will cover only a percentage of the screen, according to your preferred settings.

According to Manuel Crovetto, our leading developer for this project,

“The new Mopinion SDK for Android is built in the native language Kotlin. The new standard for Android development. This results in an overall performance boost, a straightforward implementation and a decrease in bundle size and compiling time. The SDK is built according to the latest best practices and is a huge improvement.”

Make the switch today!

Already using our React Native Android SDK? We recommend making the switch to this new and improved version as soon as you can. Switch now to take advantage of our new, lightweight SDK which, technology-wise, is much better and more efficient.

Of course, we can imagine that making the switch takes time. That’s okay, you have until 31st of December 2023 to implement the new SDK. After that we will say goodbye to the React Native Android SDK for good. Please note: this means we won’t update or maintain the React Native based Android SDK in the future, we will provide (critical) bugfixes only.

See it for yourself. Install our new SDK now to effortlessly collect feedback on your Android applications. All that’s left is for you to start making lasting improvements to your app and your own users’ experience.

Start with the new Native Android SDK!

Start gathering powerful feedback from your native Android apps with our slim, flexible and easy-to-implement SDK.

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