Examples of Product Feedback Surveys

Top Product Feedback Examples and Strategies

Products thrive when they meet user needs – plain and simple. But without knowing what those needs are, there’s no real way of actually fulfilling them. Sometimes all it takes is inspiration from other brands to see the true value of an initiative. That is why we’ve rounded up several product feedback examples from various brands that run successful feedback programmes.

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Why use product feedback?

Product feedback is how organisations measure the impact of their products and/or services on the user. Each piece of feedback gives your organisation insight into how your product performs and how it is received. This can help you both uncover new product opportunities as well as refine your existing products.

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When to use product feedback

So where do you use product feedback in practice? There are some key moments you can present feedback forms to your users including:

  • After a trial. Gathering feedback following a trial is a common method for gauging how the user experiences your product right off the bat. Ideally this is done three to four days after a trial sign-up. This should give them enough time to use your product and try out different features.
  • During the onboarding process. Onboarding is a critical period for collecting insights as it’s when you will receive the most feedback and support questions from users looking to get started with your product. Onboarding materials might include product tutorials, user manuals, FAQ pages and even welcome emails.
  • After using existing features. If you want to get into the specifics of your product, then collecting feedback on certain features is a no-brainer.This feedback will give you quick insights into the performance of your features, as well as suggestions on how to improve.
  • Around the release of a new product. Did you know? You can collect feedback before and after the release of a new product (or feature). Thanks to techniques like fake door testing, you can gauge market demand and determine how to proceed with your roadmap. Are you deciding which route you’re going to take with your product? Then you can choose whether to develop and release an entire product all at once and start testing it altogether, or break the process down into phases, testing different modules along the way.

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Top product feedback examples

Need a visual? Check out these product feedback examples from Mopinion and other successful brands.

Product Feedback Examples from Mopinion

Not surprisingly, Mopinion uses its own feedback solution to gather product feedback. That’s right, we eat our own dogfood. And we gather this feedback in a variety of different ways, starting with our trial users. Let’s take a look at some product feedback examples below.

After a trial
As mentioned above, the period briefly after a trial sign-up is a great time to ask your users for feedback regarding their experience with your product.

In the example email below, we ask the user if they’re able to reach their goals with Mopinion, with a thumbs up or thumbs down option.

Product feedback in trial flow

Once the user clicks on one of the thumbs, a feedback survey is opened whereby more questions are presented. The questions used in the survey below help us understand why the user signed up for the trial in the first place and which features they are after.

After trial click through survey

The feedback we receive in these types of forms is not only a great indication of how our users use the platform (or want to use the platform). It also opens the door to a conversation with our users so that we can see that their needs are met with our solution (e.g. with a demo).

During the onboarding process
Catch them in the moment! Similar to the trial phase, your user onboarding is another great place to gather product feedback. It gives you the opportunity to interact with them during the onboarding and ask them questions about their goals and the user experience.

Onboarding feedback

Would you like more tips on how to provide a successful user onboarding? Check out this post.

Feedback around feature releases
Releasing a new feature is always nerve-racking. No matter how much research and testing you’ve done beforehand. By collecting feedback around the release of a new feature or product, you can continue gathering insights from your users and iterate as needed based on those insights. Here are a few examples of how Mopinion has done this with recent releases.

The release of Access Groups
For the Access Groups release, we deployed an in-app conversational survey asking users if they’ve already tried out the Access Groups feature. This served as both a notification to users that the feature is available as well as a way of asking their opinion on it.

Access Groups feedback survey

Not pictured: the form follows up this question with “Can you tell us why” and an open comments section.

The release of Direct Insights
For the release of Direct Insights, an auto-generated dashboard feature, users were presented with a modal feedback form upon clicking the feature in the menu. The form asked them about their first impression of the feature and what they like or dislike about it.

Direct Insights feedback

This form was particularly insightful as it gave us a lot of open comments regarding the feature.

The Unlimited Dashboards release
Similar to the Direct Insights survey, we also ran a survey for the Unlimited Dashboards feature. This survey was slightly different in that it was a conversational form and we leveraged a five star rating in combination with an open comments section. This is a great example of how you can customise your forms to your needs as an organisation or product team.

Unlimited dashboards survey

Generic product feedback
For all other feedback, Mopinion uses a generic feedback form that always runs within the software. This is great for users who want to provide feedback on existing features or let us know that something isn’t working properly. It enables us to continuously capture feedback within the product and make sure we are meeting the needs of our users.

The example below demonstrates a feedback form that asks if the user has come across and bugs within the platform, accompanied by the option to submit visual feedback (or a screenshot).

Mopinion's generic product feedback form

Not sure what to ask in your surveys? Try these product feedback questions.

Those are just some of the ways Mopinion uses product feedback within its platform. Curious how other brands do this? Let’s take a look at a few successful brands.

Product feedback examples from other successful brands


MeisterTask is a task management software that helps teams stay aligned when working collaboratively.

Meister collects Net Promoter Score (or NPS) feedback regularly from their customers to make sure the general satisfaction is high.

Excerpt from the MeisterTask customer story:

We do this in-app by using the NPS element and then we ask an open question where we let users give us more details about what they like and dislike. Additionally, we take advantage of built-in integrations Mopinion provides and use a Slack channel to collect and regularly review the most important feedback we get from our users.

Note: when using NPS within your product, it’s important to trigger this type of survey for existing users rather than users who’ve just started using the product.

Another interesting way Meister uses feedback within their platform is to gather user experience feedback on particular features. For example, below you see a form that uses a scale of 0-10 (Not useful to Very useful). This helps the team learn more about how their Agenda feature performs.


Additionally, the Meister team has been able to uncover inaccuracies in translations across their platform.

“We offer our application in eleven different languages. We used Mopinion to ask our users to rate the accuracy of our translations. Thanks to that survey and the user input it provided, we were able to improve our French and Japanese translations.”


Another great example of a brand that effectively gathers product feedback is TOGGO. TOGGO is a brand by Germany’s leading kids’ entertainment provider, SUPER RTL, that offers television programming as well as a gamified and engaging platform for both web and mobile.

TOGGO uses feedback forms on their website as well as in-app. Their product-related forms aim to help them prioritise their product backlog and conduct market research.

Here are some examples:

Fake door testing on TOGGO

TOGGO fake door testing

This form is used to gauge how potential features might fare among customers. To do this, TOGGO ‘fakes’ a feature and the user is presented with a message.

If they click through, the user is shown a dialogue informing them about the fact that this feature is only in the planning stages as of now. Also, it provides them with the opportunity to give some additional feedback on how they would like to use the feature. This is a great indicator of how well the feature might perform, or how desirable it is (based on conversions).

The text above in the survey reads:
“Hello. Cool that you’re interested. This doesn’t currently exist, but we’re thinking about building this feature. If you like, you can give us a few more ideas.” And the options: Yes or No.

And the survey they see when they click on Yes or No says:
“First of all: How important is this to you?”

Alternatively, TOGGO uses feedback forms for market research purposes. This helps them understand what kinds of games and content users want to see. As a result, they can effectively shape their product to meet the needs of their audience.

TOGGO market research survey

The form reads:
“You are currently at TOGGO. Everything here revolves around the topic of games and gaming. We would like to know what you think of TOGGO so far.

There is no right or wrong, you can be completely honest.”

Want to see more forms from TOGGO? Check out their customer story here.

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