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Product Update: Enhanced exports, notifications and more…

Product Update: Multiple data sources in one chart, email alerts for multiple users, and more...

Once again, it’s about time for another exciting Mopinion product update! This time, we’ve got lots of new features and updates for you, including a brand-new notifications feature that will allow you to see what’s happening inside the product in real-time. Not only that, we’ve also enhanced our exports as well as much more innovative […]

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Why you need CX for your EX


Mopinon has just released another new episode on its growingly popular podcast series, 360 Digital. So what’s the hot topic this month? For our 7th episode, we’re switching things up (again) to focus on another field of digital: the employee experience (EX). This emerging business function has become increasingly popular in recent years, as businesses […]

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Enhanced Exports: It’s live!

enhanced exports is live

You spoke, we listened. With a little help from our customers, (and their useful feedback) we are always able to identify any issues within our system and quickly get to work improving our user’s experience. So, without further ado…   Welcome Enhanced Exports to the Mopinion platform! From completely new features to the optimisation of […]

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