atrify measures all-round customer satisfaction with customer feedback

atrify, a creative software solution provider headquartered in Cologne, Germany has developed a cloud-based platform for product content. With this platform atrify supports over 20k companies in more than 50 countries. It is used to share accurate and reliable content with their partners and consumers. With Mopinion’s solution, the atrify team can understand how their users interact with their applications and thus provide them with a superior user experience.

Mopinion recently spoke to Daniel Haupt from atrify. Daniel Haupt is a certified product owner at atrify who is responsible for agile product development for industry and trade solutions. In a Zoom meeting we inquired more about why, where and how atrify uses Mopinion as a feedback tool. Here’s what we discovered…

atrify has been using the Mopinion software since the beginning of 2020 and is very satisfied with the input they have been able to collect so far. Their goal? Daniel Haupt explained to us that atrify had previously never collected any online feedback and that they have now involved this process in their company in order to have a direct feedback channel for the end users of their platform.

Thumbs up, Thumbs down

A type of feedback collection in the web application that atrify uses across all touchpoints is a bipolar query (the thumbs up, thumbs down feedback survey). Daniel Haupt explains that with this survey atrify intends to capture the sentiment across the entire company. The survey is kept very simple in order to get a lot of information from the users.

atrify feedbackform
Source: atrify

“In case of negative feedback from a user without any qualitative comments, we also arrange phone interviews. Since the users are logged into our application via their personal account anyway, we have all the data necessary to contact them. We transport all this information via the Mopinion form. We contact the users and inquire whether they would be interested in a half-hour interview, in which we try to find out what ultimately caused the user to give bad feedback.”

In order to conduct phone interviews, atrify has also created a guide. The interviews are carried out by the UX team, who is also in touch with customers beforehand. Based on Mopinion feedback, the team was able to gain new, interesting and informative insights.


Source: atrify

Feedback on new features

The second part of the atrify feedback story is specifically about the implementation of new features in atrify’s solution. The new feature can be rated with 1-5 stars and is followed up by three questions.

Source: atrify

“We have an application in which we connect suppliers and retailers in the market. Suppliers describe their products in our application with attributes and for example, nutritional values also play an important role. In the past, this nutritional information input form was rather complex and not very user-friendly. Our users asked for a new feature. After a long development period, we put this feature live. Afterwards, it was important for us to do some research and get feedback as to whether we hit the mark with the new feature. Is what we’re doing right? Do you like the solution we have now implemented? Or also: What would you specifically improve upon with this feature? Do you have another idea? What is missing?”

Source: atrify

According to the feedback received, atrify did indeed ‘hit the mark’ with the new feature. In the future, the goal is to collect feedback on all major topics and feature blocks in order to make sure that atrify offers users exactly what they need.

What happens to the collected data?

In order to keep track of the collected feedback data, Daniel Haupt activated the Mopinion Feedback email alert for himself. As soon as a user gives negative feedback with a comment, he receives an email. He also has a data evaluation every two weeks with the atrify user experience experts. The UX team at atrify does a lot of usability tests and screen designs, but also takes care of customer contacts in order to get direct input from there. During a biweekly meeting the various feedback items and touchpoints are analysed and evaluated with a business analyst.

It is quite obvious why Daniel Haupt enjoys working with Mopinion. For the team, it was initially not quite clear where the feedback button should be positioned. “We fine-tuned that and found good options. Together with Mopinion’s support team, which really worked very quickly and effectively, we were able to solve this issue quickly. ” (Thumbs up to our support!)

Special thanks to atrify for the interview and we look forward to a successful cooperation!

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