Luxury Escapes defines digital strategy with feedback

Luxury Escapes is an Australian organisation specialised in luxury travel. More specifically, it is well-known for its hand-picked deals and flexible bookings. Their holiday offerings vary anywhere from day trips to small group tours and all-inclusive holidays – all of which can be booked on their website. So what role does feedback play in their online journey?

Customer feedback plays a major role in the daily operations of Luxury Escapes as it helps guide them in making many strategic decisions. They only offer the very best locations and activities to their customers. And that is why it is very important that they know what the customers want, what their needs are and, of course, which expectations they have.

Having employed the Mopinion software quite recently, we decided to sit down with Nathan Contin, Customer Service Team Leader at Luxury Escapes and talk about the organisation’s experience with the software and what they’re ambitions are for the future…

Here’s their story..

Two target groups, one goal

In addition to vacationers, Luxury Escapes also collaborates with many companies within the hospitality sector, such as hotels and restaurants. According to Nathan, these locations cannot be chosen purely on instinct. They must fit within the packages that Luxury Escapes offers and suit their customers. And that’s where their feedback program comes into play…

Using online customer feedback, Luxury Escapes can get a good indication of which locations are / are not suitable for their clients, which in turn, enables them to decide whether or not they will continue the partnership with that location. As a result, Luxury Escapes can better match customers with locations that perfectly meet their wishes.

Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction while also improving the quality of our partnerships.

Nathan Contin, Customer Service Team Leader at Luxury Escapes

Mopinion: Luxury Escapes - strategic feedback form
Example of a strategic feedback form

Why Luxury Escapes chose Mopinion

Interestingly enough, prior to using Mopinion, Luxury Escapes was already collecting customer feedback.

“We deployed surveys asking yes or no questions with no open comment sections. However when we saw that Mopinion offered a question routing feature, we were hooked. Question routing essentially allows us to ask our customers relevant follow up questions depending on their answer (yes/no).”

Nathan goes on to share that thanks to Mopinion, Luxury Escapes can now make well-founded decisions.

“Customer feedback has a significant influence on our strategy. And we are only at the beginning of this process. I feel there is so much more to discover with Mopinion, so we will be working on that in the near future. ”

But that’s not all that attracted Luxury Escapes…

“We also chose Mopinion because of its integration with Salesforce and its extensive reporting options. Not to mention, the dashboard is extremely user-friendly and clear.”

In addition to Salesforce integration, Mopinion also integrates with many other software tools. View our integrations here.

Luxury Escape’s plans for the future

“We think it is important to gain more insight into our customers and discover what they think of our products and locations. The customers are the ones who buy the packages, so their feedback is very important in both creating and improving these packages.”

For example, after the holidays, Luxury Escapes plans on sending out a series of email surveys to customers:

“We have more than 100 partnerships with hotels and as a direct result of the customer feedback we’ve collected, we’ve made a Top 10 of locations that we definitely want to work with again next year.”

In addition to email surveys, Luxury Escapes also makes use of Mopinion for Websites, Mopinion’s solution for website feedback. This feedback enables customers to leave feedback in instances such as when they’ve encountered a problem during the booking process. This is ideal as the customer can indicate this problem within the feedback form and contact the sales department or customer service.

Mopinion: Luxury Escapes - Example NPS feedbackform
Example of an NPS feedback form

On top of collecting customer feedback on its products, Luxury Escapes also wants to measure how the marketing communications are received, because they believe that there is still a lot to learn and discover there.

By collecting targeted customer feedback you can optimise the digital strategy. Luxury Escapes also wants a better insight into the loyalty of its customers. By measuring the Net Promoter Score (NPS) they get a good picture of this.

Stay tuned for updates on how Luxury Escape’s customer feedback program progresses in the coming year.

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