Behind the feedback schedules and templates for exports

Behind the Feedback: Schedules & Templates for Exports

Here at Mopinion we are once again reflecting on the recent release of not one, but two brand new and improved features, Schedules and Templates for exports. This release strives to save you time and effort, by automating the process of exporting feedback data. In this Behind the Feedback story, you will discover everything there is to know about this handy feature and get a better idea of what this recent update is all about.

Not only will we explain why we decided to improve the data export process but also what we discovered in our user research and of course, what we did with the feedback from our users.

We practice what we preach…

Mopinion is an all-in-one user feedback software. This means that we are absolutely bonkers for feedback and all the luscious insights that it brings. So, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that we are always looking for ways to help our customers get even more out of their feedback programmes. By collecting product feedback, we’re constantly discovering new opportunities for improvement in the Mopinion software. From completely new features to the optimisation of existing features, we make it our job to take all feedback into account during our research and evaluations.

Why Schedules and Templates for Exports?

At Mopinion, we see feedback as an essential part of your business, just as it is ours. We believe that if you want to get the most out of the feedback you collect, then you should view this as an indispensable strategy that informs everything you do. From marketing to product to design, collecting feedback should form an integral part of your digital strategy across departments.

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However, collecting feedback from your customers or users is just the beginning. Next, you’ll need to analyse the responses you receive, so they can inform your marketing, design and even product strategies. Analysing feedback within the Mopinion platform is already rather uncomplicated, but we know that combining this data with external software can give you an opportunity to gain even more valuable insights.

Therefore, if you’re going to really maximise the value of your customer feedback, you will need to create a solid strategy, and ensure that it is executed properly and efficiently. This is where our brand-new handy export improvements come into play. If you want to ensure that your strategy is done right, then you’ll probably want to automate your processes as much as possible.

The path to a more automated experience…

Feedback product loop

A while back, we enhanced the feedback inbox export feature by simplifying and speeding up the process of exporting feedback data to Excel. And now we have enhanced this function even further! It became pretty clear to us, (thanks to wonderful feedback from you) that creating an export in the Mopinion platform was still not *entirely* as intuitive as we wanted it to be.

Our users let us know that they had quite a lot of data to export regularly, and filling in the same information made for unnecessary work. Not only that, but prior to these new updates, Mopinion users couldn’t save their export settings for future use. Some customers shared that this was rather time-consuming, which could potentially slow down the process of distributing the feedback within the organisation. Taking these points into account, Mopinion set to work to extend this functionality of this feature.

One of our top priorities in Mopinion is to automate frequent, recurring tasks in order to save valuable time and energy for our customers.

Jos van der Kooij, Product Manager at Mopinion

A new and improved export functionality

Thanks to the user feedback we gathered, it became clear that, in particular, two features were needed: Scheduled exports & Export Templates. On top of that, we decided to add in a third option, the ‘Quick’ export option, to allow users to quickly add an export with basic fields, for those who require their data to be exported as soon as possible.

So what’s new?

Our export functionality allows our customers to analyse their feedback data in the way that works for them. With Schedules and Templates for Exports, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to extract the right data at the right time from our platform.

Anwar Jebali, Head of Development at Mopinion

Quick Exports

Users who wish to create an export will have the option to create a ‘Quick’ export, a recurring scheduled export or an export template. Inside your reports, you will see a drop-down menu with the three options, the first being the ‘Quick’ export. This allows you to export with just a couple of clicks, using the current inbox filters and settings. You can then choose to export in four different formats: XLS, CSV, JSON and HTML. Then you’ll set column names and (in XLS) you can select single or separate sheets.
quick export

Export Templates

The second option is to export from a template. Users can build templates to quickly create exports based on earlier saved settings. With export templates, you have the option to set the export to public (which means all users in that report have access) or private, visible only to you.

For the export template, you have to give a brief description of the template, choose the desired date range and select a format. Next you’ll need to select which fields to export, or which fields you want to exclude, for example just the question and score field or exclude inactive fields, such as elements of a survey form that are no longer in use. There is also the option to ‘split’ the export based on the data sources (surveys). Read more about creating export templates here.
Export template

Scheduled Exports

The third option is to create an ‘Advanced Export’ which allows you to create a schedule to receive exports frequently and automatically either daily, weekly or monthly. For this option you’ll need to select which fields to export, or exclude, just like the template. Using a variety of filers, you can select what you want to export, again with the option to ‘split’ the export based on data sources.

Another handy thing about these updates is that now you’ll receive an in-app notification letting you know when your exports are ready for download. Not to mention the email you’ll receive with the download link, and of course the link can be found in the new ‘Feedback Exports’ section. Read more about how you can schedule an export here.

scheduled exports
Now, thanks to these new updates you can create a scheduled export that recurs regularly, a quick export to save time and save multiple export templates for future use.

What are you waiting for? Get started with schedules and templates for exports today

These exciting feature improvements will make the lives of Mopinion user’s even easier with a range of new options for exporting feedback from the Mopinion platform. Gone are the days of tediously re-entering the same data over and over again. Now, thanks to our awesome developers, Mopinion user’s can get even more out of their feedback. By enriching exports with new, improved options, Mopinion users have more control over the data they collect and less to worry about.

Do you think you’re ready to try the brand new, updated feature? Now’s the time for you to give it a whirl! Not a Mopinion user yet? Sign up for a free trial and start letting feedback inform your strategy, today.

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